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Posted on Mon Jun 29th, 2020 @ 12:21am by Commander Jacob Kane & Hamilton Broll & Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D. & Lieutenant Dessame Sar & Lieutenant Savin & Lieutenant P’rel M.D

Mission: In the Family
Location: USS Athena
Timeline: MD-05

Kane himself was waiting in the transporter room when the landing party dematerialised on the pad. After everything that had gone on in the last few days, he found himself relieved to see the faces of his XO and company.

"Commander Taeler. Seems like the negotiations with the Queen have taken a turn." He gave her a look resembling sympathy; they'd been through plenty from the looks of things. "I suppose I'll have to fill you in on events here as well." He motioned to the armed and prepared security team he had ready. "Do any of you need medical attention?"

Savin nodded slowly, briefly closing his eyes as he realized that was a bad move to make. "Lieutenant Sar and I," he said, looking back up at the commanding officer, "we were both hit on the head when the fighting started."

Kane looked the officers down. "Get yourselves to sickbay, Lieutenants."

The Commander's eyes rested on the Paratan native apparently standing next to them. "Care to explain?" he asked, looking between Taeler and the newcomer.

"Sir..." Dessame began. "I have sufficiently recovered." she said as the dried blood on her head remained. "If I am needed to debrief I am able, and I would like to know the situation at hand in case I need to brief my teams." She was a workaholic that was for sure, and she hated looking weak. That had happened once before and it was taken advantage of. Since then she fought to maintain her strength and show she was tough as any person.

"Dess... We need a doctor first," Savin countered, "you may feel well now, but we both know we are not. We are exhausted, and connected. We need a doctor first, then debriefing."

"Sickbay, Lieutenant," Kane reaffirmed. "I won't have you bleeding all over my transporter room."

"Yes sir," the Romulan counselor replied, gently taking the security chief by the arm to lead her out of the transporter room. He assumed debriefing would happen later, since they were sent to sickbay.

"This is Lieutenant P'Rel, an intel asset on Paratus," Santu looked at Kane, eyes narrowing a bit, "sure would've been nice to have been informed about." She looked at the Counsellor and Security officer walked off in the direction of Sickbay, then took in a deep breath to try and get passed some of the frustration she was feeling, "it's all gone quite wrong, hasn't it?"

P’rel eyed the back of the Commander’s head and reflected on the typical arrogance of command officers. Why it was necessary for this officer to have been informed of intelligence operations would be anyone’s guess, but nonetheless the Bajoran clearly felt it her divine right to be told about everything. P’rel looked to the man before them; tall for a human, with a presence which almost detonated in the air, letting everyone know who was in charge. “Captain, there is a Type 18 Shuttlepod on the surface, at the lake near to the capital city, it must be recovered of oribitally destroyed”, P’rel informed him, getting straight to the point. The sooner they could leave Parata the sooner she could get back to San Francisco.

Kane ignored the intelligence officer for a moment, giving Taeler a sympathetic expression. "Yes. But you made do with what you had and brought the whole team back safely." He paused, a little pensively. "On the bright side, the Prime Directive isn't really an issue any more. We're free to do what we need to, but I doubt the accession talks are going to go ahead now."

"Thank you sir, the team really came together and helped out," Taeler was never one to take a compliment really well.

Kane turned his attention to the curious looking individual, clearly modified to resemble a Paratan. "As for you, I suppose your involvement in all this was authorised. I'll expect an intelligence follow-up report as well. You might not be on my crew, but you're on my ship for now."

P’rel, under the Paratan dermal modification, cocked a characteristic eyebrow once again: “I am here under assignment from Starfleet Command, Intelligence detachment, Captain” she began, simply stating the facts with neutral conveyance to the seemingly suspicious CO. “Command assigns field operatives to all prospective accession worlds, to provide ethnographic date free of....” she eyed both the Bajoran and Human Command officers up and down “...operational bias, shall we say”. Stepping down from the transporter pad she raised her hands, showing the Paratan anatomy; “I would appreciate the use of your surgeon”.

Kane raised an eyebrow of his own, glancing at Taeler. "Is she always this patronising to a senior officer?" he asked rhetorically. His eyes returned to P'rel. "Report to sickbay. And once you're done explaining basic Starfleet practices to anyone who'll listen, perhaps you'd like to actually debrief."

“Only when it’s amusing to do so, sir” P’rel said softly, trailing off as she left the transporter room. The doors closing behind her, P’rel mused that it was always, in itself, an amusement to let out a small degree or inference of emotion in front of a new person; often leaving them baffled by their own narrow perceptions of Vulcans. Keying into an interface panel on the wall, she accessed library services, “sickbay” she announced, and a trailing array of panel lights showed her the way down the corridors.

Santu shook her head and sighed, she definitely needed to have a talk with the intel operative, and would very likely write up a report for HQ on the conduct of the officer during the operation. She was pretty sure vaporising enemy combatants wasn't fully within operating procedures of a recon assignment. The fact that she apparently found it amusing to patronise and be insubordinate to a superior officer was something that would also be mentioned, "can we debrief over a glass of spring wine?" It really felt like a spring wine kind of debriefing.

"It's a date," Kane replied dryly, considering whether something stronger was more in order. "Get yourself cleaned-up. We'll reconvene later. Not entirely sure how I'm going to explain all this to Harrington..."

Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu
Executive Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Dessame Sar
Chief of Security
USS Athena

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counsellor
USS Athena

Lieutenant P'Rel, M.D.
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Athena


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