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All Bets Are Off

Posted on Thu Jun 18th, 2020 @ 2:56pm by Commander Jacob Kane

Mission: In the Family
Location: USS Athena - Bridge
Timeline: MD-05

It took just shy of the two hours Kane had demanded for his team to get the communications relays up and running. The string of probes had done the job just as expected: the amplification they provided was much like a transporter buffer enhancer, easily penetrating the noise the Paratans had put up. Kane made a mental note to congratulate his Science and Engineering chiefs later.

What he saw was disturbing. Local news reports of the crisis in the capital starting to spread, as well as the updated sensor data showing chaotic fighting in the streets.

"Athena to Lt. Commander Taeler," he was already punching the comm request through from his command chair.

No response.

"Lieutenant Commander Shan," he glanced at his Second Officer. "Pursuant to sub-section 32 of General Order One, I am deeming the landing party as being in imminent danger of death. Would you concur?"

The Andorian blinked, surprised by the formality. "Y-Yes?"

"Good. Helm, lay in an intercept course for the nearest Paratan vessel. Raise shields, arm all weapons systems." There was a strange hush over the bridge as the crew acknolwedged the order.

"Are we about to attack the Paratans, sir?" Thy'lissa inquired tentatively.

"Only if they do first." Kane managed a sly little smirk. "I took some time to check the regs. Turns out there's some precedent in play that the Diplomatic Corps neglected to mention. If the commanding officer of a Starfleet vessel determines an imminent threat to life of his crew by an alien race currently engaged in diplomatic negotiations with the Federation..." his lips curled up. "We have permission and precedent to suspend General Order One to defend ourselves."

"That's pretty...niche..." she noted.

"Welcome to the frontier," he replied. "Hail the Paratan ship."

"You're on, sir." the Ops Ensign reported. Kane smiled, knowing he was going to enjoy this part.

"Paratan commander. You are deemed as conducting aggressive action in contravention of diplomatic sanctions. Right now I have a dozen high-yield quantum torpedoes in their tubes and ready to fire. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to show you just how little chance your ships have against this vessel. Back off, and you might not be debris in the next thirty seconds."

There was a long pause.

"Paratan ship is breaking away, sir. Looks like they're falling back to the others."

"Run while you can..." Kane muttered to himself, finally feeling a sense of satisfaction for the first time since this mission had begun. "Start scanning the surface for our people. And don't let up on the comms. They're down there somewhere."

Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena

Lt Cmdr Thy'lissa Shan
Second Officer
USS Athena
(PNPC Kane)


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