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Posted on Fri May 22nd, 2020 @ 11:20am by Lieutenant Commander Thy'lissa Shan & Lieutenant Seleya Qellar PhD & Lieutenant Noah Reed M.D. & Lieutenant Ausra Danton & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone

Mission: In the Family
Location: SS Glory
Timeline: MD-4

Kane had left Thy'lissa to take the 'lead' on making sure the Paratan males were going to be safe on the Glory, but it wasn't exactly the most straightforward of tasks.

Staring around the inside of the vessel, she let out a sigh. To her understanding, the ship had been torn apart when it had been rammed by an attacker's suicide run. Barely the size of four runabouts bolted together, the small ship wasn't really designed to hold a significant number of people either.

"Lieutenant Qellar, how are the repairs coming?" she asked, motioning for the Chief Engineer to input on the state of things.

"As well as can be expected given the limitations involved," Seleya responded. "The outer hull has been sealed and inspected for microfractures and other damage. It has been reinforced appropriately where needed, and we have repaired the structural integrity field generators. There still remains a large portion of the port hull missing, but we've placed hard seals at all points of entry and egress to the sections until the ship can be repaired at a shipyard.

"The deflector shield is functioning at minimum necessary standards for warp travel; it will serve its navigational purpose, but it's too damaged to generate a large enough shield matrix to defend against energy weapons. There are various other subsystems operating at minimum standards, and repair crews continue to work with them. As it stands, it's... functional."

"Functional is all the Captain required," Thylissa replied. "Have you and Lieutenant Danton managed to work out how we're going to transport a couple of dozen passengers on board this thing?"

"In one piece you mean?" Ausra was completely joking but perhaps this was not the time and she didn't have a sense of humor. "Yes ma'am. It will be a tight squeeze and of course it's not ideal but it will work out. I'm sure of it."

The Andorian looked between the two department heads. "Tell me honestly, do you really think this is a good idea? Or are we going to be straining this ship beyond its reasonable limits?"

"Yes, it will work." Ausra replied but she said it with such firm conviction it was as if she were trying to convince herself. "It has to."

"I'm not certain that I share Ausra's unbridled optimism, but her conclusion is correct. The plan will be stressing the ship's systems to their limits, but I'm not certain we have any choice in the matter," Seleya said.

"The Commander wants what the Commander wants," Thy'lissa replied, a faint smile on her face. "I've known him a long time, and I can't imagine he would expect anything less than our best efforts."

"I would hope that every officer aspires to contribute their best effort," Seleya said. It was a pointed statement, but she often misunderstood other's passing remarks as statements of fact.

"Chief Malone, we'll need to make sure they're secure and safe on board. Once they're here we could do with having some control over what they're capable of. The Commander suggested they don't have the ability to fly the ship into the side of ours, for instance."

"I'm sure we can try and lock the controls somehow sir," Mason answered, "or maybe give them something to do that makes them feel useful? I'm no engineer sir, nor a pilot."

"But you are a former marine and a security officer," Thy'lissa replied. "So you should be used to securing enough of a location to make it safe. Let the engineers mock-up a remote control if needed, but we want them to be safe and secure here."

"Ahhh that wasn't my field of expertise ma'am," Mason objected, "I was responsible for recon at some instances but mostly I was directing teams from a small distance. Coordination so to speak. That, and I'm a linguist prior to my additional training. A radioman, if you will. But I'll do my best ma'am..."

"Make it work, Chief. We're all improvising here," Thy'lissa sighed, looking around the confines of the consular ship.

"I'll assist Mr. Malone in implementing the necessary restrictions within the computer system," Seleya volunteered. "We can retain control of most of the system protocols and limit their access to others where it's deemed necessary for their..." She turned her eyes skyward for a moment, searching for the correct words. There were about ten in Romulan, but only a handful translated well into Federation Standard. "For their safety and security."

"If you're stuck for words ma'am," Mason offered quietly, "I'm sure I can help with the translations...."

Thy'lissa smirked at the remark. "I'm sure you can." She turned to the CMO. "Doctor Reed, we're likely to see some injured or those in poor condition. Please be ready with medical assistance when they arrive."

Doctor Reed nodded in knowing approval. "I already have a medical team standing by for routine check-ups when they arrive, sir. We will make sure everyone is healthy and if not, get them sorted out."

Thy'lissa gave him a sharp nod. "Good. We don't know what they might be bringing up with them, so treat them with caution, doctor."

Reed couldn't help himself as he replied with a faint smirk, "I'll have my laser scalpel set to stun, sir."

Thy'lissa allowed herself a little chuckle. "I feel safer already."

Lt Commander Thy'lissa Shan
Second Officer
USS Athena
(PNPC Kane)

Dr. Noah Reed
Chief Medical Officer
USS Athena

Senior CPO Mason Malone
Investigatons Officer
pnpc Savin

Lieutenant Seleya Qellar, PhD
Chief Engineer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Ausra Danton
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena


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