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Completing the Circle

Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant Ausra Danton & Jerant van Rijn

Mission: Character Development
Location: Random
Timeline: MD 3

Ausra wandered down the corridor carrying a small box in her hands. She let out a big yawn and closed her eyes just as she went around a corner and nearly ran into someone who appeared suddenly in front of her. "Oh, sorry!" She said side stepping so the man could continue forward momentum. She dropped the box however and little specks were spread out all over the carpet. She bent down and started picking them up.

Jerant grunted as he skidded to a halt, murmuring something about 'a bloody cat' as he did so. "You alright ma'am?" he asked, watching her bend down to pick up something he couldn't define. "Need any help with that?"

"Uh, not, that's okay. If you'll just stand right there. I don't want them stepped on." She hurried around him like a chicken pecking at specks on the ground. Finally she stood up right in front of him. "Seeds," she explained. "For a botany project I've wanted to try out for ages. I'm Ausra," she said offering her hand.

"Jerant," the dark haired civilian answered, taking the offered hand. "Good think you're telling me what they are because for a second I thought you were uhm...a bit daft." He cast her an apologetic look. "Why aren't you carrying them in you know..something secure? So you won't lose them?"

"Daft," Ausra repeated, putting her hands on her hips and narrowing her eyes at him. "What are you, some kind of counselor? I was carrying them in this because it was handy and I didn't have to replicate something else. I plan on using them right away and didn't know I was almost going to run into anyone."

"A counselor? Me?" Jerant laughed, his dark eyes sparkling. "Gosh I wish but no, I'm not a counselor. Did grow up with one though, well he's one now anyway. I'm his aide... you may or may not have already met him. Bit green in the face, shifty eyes, pointed ears....smiles a lot?"

"Savin, yes. Ah you are the one who doesn't like the cat!" As if that would completely identify him. "Despite you giving it to him as a gift. I was thinking about getting a pet, he said I could meet it."

"Yeah...her highness has slipped out and now I'm stuck trying to find the little monster. She loves slipping away from me, claws at the ready, see?" He turned his cheek, showing four straight bleeding lines. "He loves her though, and having her makes him happy so that counts for something, right? And sure you can meet her, when I find that bloody creature."

"Do you want some help?" Ausra asked. "I don't know much about them but perhaps she'd come to someone else since the two of you don't seem to get along."

"Hah!" the Betazoid laughed, "and how would you call a deaf cat?"

This was the second time this man had made her want to put her hands on her hips. "There are other ways of getting her to come instead of chasing her around corridors. She can smell can't she? She can see? Toys, food . . . . perhaps replicating a bit of catnip or some fish would get her attention."

" all means have at it. I'd love to see you try to lure her to you. Her highness does her own thing you see, and if something's not to her liking, she gets the claws out and I tell you, they hurt." Jerant shook his head. "He told me to look after the monster, I did tell him now but nooooo, he doesn't listen."

"Maybe you should try not being so . . . . aggressive towards her." Savin had mentioned that his friend had hated the cat, but Ausra thought his reaction to her was a bit much. "Stop," She said holding a hand out in front of him and nearly placing it on his chest. "Take a deep breath slowly in through your nose and let it out slowly through your mouth."

Jerant blinked, looking down at the hand that almost touched him. "Why," he asked, though he did as he was told. "What purpose does that serve?"

Ausra smiled resisting the urge to giggle. "It's supposed to calm you down, breathing exercises. Have you not heard of them before. Pretty common for Humans I suppose."

"I'm not Human," Jerant chuckled, shaking his head, "well... mostly not Human, only a quarter of me. Surely, you guessed by now?"

"Yeah, I guessed as much, it's the eyes." She said. "But still, I would think other races would have techniques like this for relaxation. Anyway, you have to stop thinking she's doing these things to you on purpose. I'm curious if that will change how she reacts to you."

"Queen Sheba does her own thing ma'am, I seriously doubt it's personal. You do know cats have servants right, not masters?" Jerant shook his head as he let himself slide down the wall to sit on the floor. "I do have cat food here, I was sure the smell would lure her. She loves fish."

"Ma'am?" Ausra asked with mild indignation. She watched him sit down in the corridor. "Are you all right?" It seemed curious to her to get so worked up over a small animal. Maybe there was something else bothering him.

"Oh I'm fine." He looked up at her. "That scrape is starting to burn a little, and I'm not going to open a tin of cat food while I'm on my feet. She can come to me, or you if she wants to be fed."

"Alright. Well . . . if you want I can try to get her to come to me while you go to sickbay. Are you allergic to cat scratches?" Ausra asked just to make sure.

"Not as far as I know." Jerant shook his head, then dug up a can of catfood from under his tunic. He tore it open and handed it to Ausra. "Here... according to Savin, tuna is her favourite." He sat back and rubbed his cheek. "She just clawed me, I'm sure I'm fine."

"If you're sure . . ." Asura said and she set the can of Tuna down on the floor several meters away from her then joined Jerant. "I'll see if this works first. And we can continue our conversation."

It didn't take long for the white blur of fur to come running down the corridor. Jerant scowled under his breath but remained still. "Greedy little monster," he muttered as Sheba sniffed at the can, then looked up at the people sitting close by. She flicked her tail as if daring them to come near, before sticking her nose back into the can to snack on the fish. "Toldya, didn't I?"

"All beings love food." Ausra said poking herself in the tummy, "I've been known to overindulge on occasion. Hi there." Ausra said, wiggling her finger at the cat.

"Who doesn't," Jerant chuckled as he watched the cat. He sat back a little so not to draw attention as Sheba came prowling forward. He suppressed a grin as the white cat gave a mewling whine, before taking a pounce at the woman.

She couldn't help but giggle as the cat pounced on her. Ausra made no attempt to swipe her up yet though. "She likes food and she likes to play." She replied as if putting that knowledge away for future use.

"Play indeed, she's got mighty sharp claws, just be careful alright," Jerant snorted.

Sheba batted at the woman's hand with her paw, drawing her attention as she looked up with bright blue eyes. "Mew," she drawled, batting at the hand again.

"Nah, she's all right. Just curious and interested." Ausra danced her hands along on the floor for the kitten to chase. "You know what she needs? A ball of string."

"To do what with?" Jerant watched them both, watching Sheba chase after the woman's fingers, all without claws. "Well she seems to like you. Maybe you can take care of her while Savin's away."

"To play, I think she would really enjoy pouncing on it and chasing the string or the ball as it rolled away from her. And I'm glad she likes me," Ausra was practically beaming. "I like her too. I would be honored. But I would think Savin would want to get to know me a bit more first."

"Mew," Sheba said, burying herself under the woman's arm as if to make a statement.

"He's not here," Jerant said determinedly, "and I'm not taking care of that monster."

Ausra looked down at the creature and seemed to realize that she was responsible for it now. "Oh, okay." She'd never taken care of a cat before and fully intended to look up nutritional supplements as well as replicate her a toy to entertain. "Should I take her back to Savin's quarters then?"

"Nah, I'll tell him she's with you. I doubt she'll run from you, look at how she burrows into you."

"You want me to take her to my quarters?" Ausra said surprised. "Won't he be a little bit upset about that?"

"I think he'd rather have someone she takes to take care of her, than me, who can't stand her. And it's obvious the feeling is mutual." Jerant shrugged. "Or take her to your office? I'm sure he will be back within a few hours, right?"

"Uh I think quarters would be better, wouldn't want her knocking over an experiment or something. Don't worry, I've got this," Ausra seemed to assure him as much as herself. She reached over and scooped the kitten up and got to her feet. "Well it was nice to have met you. I better get her someplace safe."

"Thanks," the Betazoid answered, almost gratefully, "I'll owe you one. If you ever need a linguist..."

Lieutenant Asura Danton
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena

Jerant van Rijn
Interpreter/Counselor's Aide
pnpc Savin


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