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Storms Brewing

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Mission: Shakedown
Location: Shuttle Independence
Timeline: Before MD01


Sitting at the larged arched controls of the Independence Tobin reclined in his seat and cracked his knuckles hard with a satisfying popping sound. Ensign S'Rell had done well to acquire it. The entire interior smelt brand new and the consoles hummed and beeped harmoniously as Tobin's fingers effortlessly tapped through system diagnostics and flight checks.

"Helm control, tactical and life support all responding." He reported out loud. "Communications, thrusters and navigation within normal parameters." He added.

From the rear cabin a long shadow stretched across the floor and the steady sound of boots on a deck plate filled the cabin. Tobin instantly spun his chair to face the rear cabin. Standing in the arch way was the tall dark figure of Patrice. "Specialist Patrice Zuma, reporting as ordered sir." He stated professionally in a clipped french accent.

"Welcome aboard Mr Zuma." Tobin replied warmly. "Take a seat, we're just waiting on one more." He added gesturing to one of the rear control seats. "Aye sir." Patrice responded and promptly sat in the chair behind Tobins. Logging on to the console with a few short sharp beeps Patrice could see an unusual looking stack of crates towards the rear hatch. "Unusual looking supplies Commander." He commented running his eyes up and down the peculiar looking arrangement.

"Apparently our new Science Officer, fancies himself a bit of an inventor." Tobin said his own eyes now looking at the assortment of weird boxes in the back of the shuttle. "Those are all various instruments of his own design, although I have no idea what they do." He added with a shrug.

Tobin was about to turn back to his console when another shadow appeared at the shuttle hatch. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." He muttered under his breath.

The Evoran didn't speak at first. He moved over to the containers to check that everything had been brought aboard as requested. When he was satisfied that everything was accounted for, he nodded satisfyingly and finally joined the others at the front of the shuttle. "Lieutenant Mortigar, reporting and ready for the mission," he announced.

Tobin gestured to the empty co-pilots seat next to his. "Glad to have you onboard Lieutenant, take a seat!" He said warmly. Turning back to the console Tobin elegantly flicked a few of the illuminated buttons on the console. A mechanicalmhum folowed by a dull hiss filled the cabin as the rear hatch closed tight sealing the three men in together.

"I see you have some unusual looking equipment with you Lieutenant." Tobin stated glancing across at Mortigar as his fingers danced over the controls. "But I'd just like to put it out there I'm over 300 years old, I want a quick clean rescue mission." He continued a firm yet friendly tone under pinning his voice. "We evacuate the Bajoran shuttle from the Plasma storm and we get out." Tobin glanced at Mortigar to guage his understanding. "With that being said, would you like to take us out?" He asked with a practiced professional smile.

In truth, the Evoran hadn't known that they were about to embark on a rescue mission. If he had, he would have left all of his equipment in the science lab. Still, there was no telling if any of it would somehow come in useful. Morty hesitated a moment as he took in the layout of the helm controls. He was a little surprised that he was asked to take the shuttle out but he was more than up for the challenge that the Athena's first officer was laying out before him.

Morty tapped at the controls and then spoke aloud. "Operations has cleared us for departure," he said. The Lieutenant then brought the thrusters online and once the Independence lifted off the deck, he guided it through the forcefield barrier and into space. After putting some distance between the starbase and the shuttle, Morty turned his head towards Parr. "What is our course and heading, Commander?" he asked.

Tobin smiled as the shuttle effortlessly cleared the bay. "Nicely done Lieutenant." He started checking his own instruments. "Set our course one-zero-five mark four-five." He replied. Verifying the correct heading. "Thrusters to station keeping until we clear the immediate traffic then take us to warp two." He ordered. It was only a short trip and should prove a piloting challenge. Too little time at warp and they wouldn't reach their destination, too long and they'd overshoot dramatically.

"Course laid in," Morty confirmed. He followed Parr's instructions and only took the Independence to warp once they were the right distance away. "I confess that I only have basic piloting skills, Sir. As a scientist, I spend most of my free time in the labs. I appreciate the opportunity though."

"You're welcome." Tobin replied warmly his attention fixed on the controls. He knew Mortigar could handle a shuttle. But still, he liked to have one hand on a wheel. "Its my job to make sure you grow Lieutenant." He said glancing over. "We're on a combat ship and what ever happens I need to make sure your skills are as rounded as possible. Besides you may want to go into command yourself one day." He stated with a brief smile.

Tobin's console began to bleep loudly and rapidly. "Spacial disturbance ahead, take us out of warp now." He ordered promptly. "Lieutenant full scan, what are we looking at here?" He asked. Patrice who had been sat calmly in the back immediately took to life at his station. "Communications has the distress beacon sir!" He reported. "Lieutenant?" Tobin prompted as a violent green plasma storm loomed over them in the cockpit window.

Morty took the shuttlecraft out of warp and immediately began to run a series of scans. Of course, he didn't need to look at the data to know what they were facing. "It's a class three plasma storm; they're quite volatile," the Evoran observed. To give the others some more precise details, he looked down at his monitor. "I am picking up the Bajoran vessel ten thousand kilometers from our current position. It is caught in a cross-current." He turned his head towards Parr. "That would explain why it hasn't been able to get out."

Tobin nodded in acknowledgement. "I cant take the Independence in, we'll end up stuck too." He reported out loud. "Sir transmission coming in." Patrice called out urgently. "Put it through." Tobin ordered, while the back of his mind rolled over options.

With a few flicks of the computer Patrice had the comm system hissing and crackling a garbled message. "This is Bajoran shuttle Prophets Smile, we've been hit by a plasma storm. Systems are holding but we are stuck and have wounded.......Doctor.......Far......says she cant....." the transmission cut out.

A concerned frown now spread over Tobin's brow. "Lt if I get us close is the tractor beam an option?" He asked urgently.

Mortigar shook his head. "The magnetic interference will make it impossible for us to get a positive lock," he replied whilst still in thought. "We may be able to free them if we bombard their shuttle with ion particles from our deflector. It should neutralise the grasp that the plasma currents have on it."

"Alright then, I'm going to move us in range. As soon as you get a clear shot release the particles from the deflector." Tobin ordered while the shuttle began to shake around them.

His hands worked furiously at the controls. The Independence reacted beautifully, swinging round in a clean swoop to bring them face to face with the Bajoran shuttle. "Now Lieutenant." Tobin ordered, holding the shuttle steady.

Having just completed the reconfiguration, Mortigar jabbed his finger on the console to initiate the ion pulse. "Ions away!" he exclaimed whilst closely monitoring the readouts on his display. "Shearing forces are decreasing," the Lieutenant shared moments later. So far, so good.

Over their heads in the cock pit window a small triangular craft began to drift out of the tentacles of the storm. "Well done Lieutenant." Tobin stated sincerely resting a hand firmly on Mortigar's shoulder.

"Commander reading a massive spike in energy from the storm." Patrice reported. Tobin stroked his beard for a second. "Do you have a transporter lock?" He asked. Patrice nodded. "I have five signals." He reported urgently. "Energize!" Tobin ordered. As the order came in the rear of the shuttle filled with a blue light and a pattern of orbs.

Out in the cockpit window a large bolt of energy struck the Bajoran craft cracking its hull. A violent explosion pushed the Independence hard. Tobin wrestled the controls, with a few quick adjustment he righted the ship.

"Lieutenant I think it's time you took us home." He ordered, patting Mortigar's shoulder once again.

The Evoran nodded and said, "I'll do my best." He reactivated the helm controls at his console and earnestly began to reverse the shuttlecraft away from the plasma storm.

Tobin turned his head to check the occupants in the back. "Everyone okay back there?" He called back. "I need to take a couple of these men to a sickbay for burn treatment otherwise we're all okay." Came a familiar voice. Slinking out the back a slender feminine figure stepped forward and rested an arm on the back of Tobin's chair. "Thanks for the rescue Commander." She said planting a kiss lightly on his cheek.

Tobin blushed. "Lieutenant my wife! Dr. Nicola Farren." Tobin sighed.

Morty turned his head to regard the woman just as he'd put the Independence to warp. "Your wife?" he repeated and looked to Parr. "I suppose that it's a little late to inform you of the odds that my idea would work; it was at sixty-three point four percent. Had I known who we were rescuing, I would have have been more... thorough." Not that he had tried any less had it been anyone else, but he was painfully aware of what might have happened if things hadn't worked out; as evidenced by the Bajoran wreckage they'd left behind.

"If I had known who we were rescuing I would have told you to turn round." To in replied with a smirk. A swift dig landed in his arm. "Standing right here!" Nicola piped in with as much sass as she could muster.

Tobin chuckled hard and reclined in his seat. "Lieutenant, you have the conn. I'm going to check on our guests." He said with a smile, resting a reassuring hand on Mortigars shoulder.

The cockpit window turned to the whirling starfield and the hum of the engines sped up as the shuttle pulled away. "Let's get you all back to the ship." Tobin said to the passengers compassionately.


Lt.Commander Tobin Parr
Executive Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Mortigar
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena


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