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Posted on Fri May 1st, 2020 @ 9:25pm by Lieutenant Savin & Lieutenant Ausra Danton

Mission: In the Family
Location: Science labs
Timeline: Before beam down

Thanks to his ever helpful -and telepathic- assistant, word of the new science chief's arrival had reached Savin faster than when he wouldn't have had Jerant around. "You should go meet her," the Betazoid suggested, all but shooing his best friend out of his office. As usual, the Betazoid supported his speech with sign, much like Savin tended to do, more out of habit than necessity as the two often simply spoke telepathically when in private.

Savin sighed. "Fine," he answered, "but you are not coming with me. THis will be an informal meeting and you know you are only formally needed when I have bridge duty, or on away missions."

"I know, I know," Jerant answered, pretending exhasperation. "Just go."

Shaking his head, the Romulan counselor left his office and went in search for the science labs, in the hopes of finding the new chief. "Hello?" he called out, as his eyes traveled the main area upon entrance. "Anyone here?"

"Yes," Ausra called hearing the disembodied voice. "Ouch," she accidentally smacked her hand against a console as she stood up to find out who had entered and why. Looking down she saw a small tear just above her nail, a piece of skin now loose but at least she wasn't bleeding so far. It made her queasy to think about just the skin hanging there. "Uh, can I help you?"

Savin just studied the woman for a moment, getting a sense of confusion as well as discomfort. "My assistant told me a new science chief had arrived," he said slowly, keeping his eyes on her at all times. "I am Savin, chief counselor," he introduced himself though deliberately did not add his rank. "I fear news does travel fast ma'am."

"Okay," Ausra said not understanding at all. "Ausra," she said and then clarified. "I mean I'm Ausra, yes, I'm the chief science officer. Did you need something from me?" It didn't phase her at all that he was a counselor, they were nothing to be afraid of. She'd actually found them quite helpful when she'd had something she needed to get off her chest.

Savin smiled at her. "Just trying to meet new people," he answered pleasantly, "I arrived only a few days ago myself. What is your field of study?"

"Oh. Well, I started off as a counselor believe it or not," she returned the smile now that she understood what was going on. "But I switched to science after a small break from the fleet. My specialty is now biology though any science interests me."

"Were you?" Both eyebrows shot up in evidence of surprise. "I have never encountered a counselor who switched to anything other than medicine, to be honest, or the other way around. You are the first to switch to science, that I have met. May I ask why you took a break?"

"I felt a bit bogged down," Ausra answered honestly. "I Suppose I had some issues myself and I didn't feel like I was helping anyone until I worked through things." She gave no specifics but that was as close as she could come without revealing things.

"Who counsels the counselor hm?" Savin mused out loud, "I do know that feeling I fear. You do not have to talk about anything you do not wish to talk about, that is not how I work." He shook his head, shaking off that odd feeling that crept up. "Tell me about your current project? Is it anything interesting?"

"I'm not really working on anything yet, mostly familiarizing myself with the equipment and panicking slightly about what I've gotten myself into," Ausra joked. "With power comes responsibility right? I am looking forward to doing an experiment though. If I have time."

"Yes I do believe great power comes with great responsibility, though I cannot remember where I have heard that phrase before. Is this your first assignment as department head? What kind of experiment are you considering?" If anything, Savin had to admit to the emotion of curiosity. He tilted his head a fraction in question as he studied her.

"Spiderman," Ausra chuckled. "It's an Earth story," she waved her hand as if that wasn't important. "I honestly thought I might do a botany one, it's a bit out of my league but I won't know until I try right? And yes, it's my first department head assignment."

"I have no doubt you will do well. Speaking of botany, do you have any grass suitable for felines? There is this kind they prefer to snack on?"

"I'm afraid I don't know off the top of my head. But the replicator should be able to produce it. You have a cat? What color?" She had never owned a pet herself, her parents had always disapproved of them and since she'd graduated and been on a starship she wasn't sure it was the best place for one.

"All white with blue eyes, her name is Sheba and she acts like she is the queen of my home. She was a gift from my aide, he felt I needed something to take care of. Funnily, he does not even like cats, and Sheba does not like him."

"I've heard cats can be funny that way. Do you find that you enjoy having a pet? I've often thought of it but have never gotten one."

"Yes I do, though I never had pets before until I got Sheba. I must say that having her does make matters interesting, because neither of us can hear the other calling." He grinned as if revealing a big secret. "Why did you never get a pet?"

"I'm not sure. I guess I've just been busy since I became an adult, trying to take care of everyone else and I wanted to figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life. But everything is stable now so maybe I'll think about it."

Savin nodded in understanding. "I can understand that. What kind of pet would you be considering?"

"I'm not sure, something soft that I could pet or would allow me to pet I suppose. Perhaps a cat, or a small mammal of some kind. Do you have a suggestion? Could I meet your cat and see how that went?"

"Certainly, though I cannot promise Sheba will take to you. But then it may just be on my assistant, as he does hate cats. I am, to this day, still not sure why he gave me a cat to begin with. I hope she will come anyway, as obviously she does not respond when I call for her."

"It's fine," she assured him. "I realize all cats are different just as people are."

"True," Savin agreed, "and appearances are not all as they seem most of the times either. I find people put on a mask just as often as they show their true face. At least a feline is honest in its appearance, it will not hide if it likes you or not."

"Very true. Well sometime it might be nice to meet her. Whenever you have the time, I won't barge in," she assured him. Ausra suddenly felt a lull in the conversation, she wasn't sure what else to say.

"I often have her in the office with me, as I do not trust her to be alone. She is still young and needs attention, if I leave her alone in my quarters she will tear my home apart out of pure spite. My office, while decorated is far sparser than my home." He smiled again. "I could also bring her by sometime, if you wish. Maybe she can select her own plant to gnaw on?"

"Sure, I can have some samples waiting for her. Just tell me when." Ausra replied smiling back at him. "I should probably get back to work and I don't want to keep you.."

"I currently have nothing else to do." He smiled still. "It is I, who is keeping you, and it has been nice speaking with you." He gave her a slight bow, then turned to walk away.

"Bye!" Ausra said and returned to her work, glad she'd met someone so easy to talk to on this ship.

Lieutenant Ausra Danton
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counselor


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