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A Measured Approach

Posted on Wed Apr 1st, 2020 @ 10:29pm by Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D. & Commander Jacob Kane

Mission: In the Family
Location: Taeler Santu's Guest Quarters
Timeline: Right after 'Royal Engagements'

Santu gave a small and polite bow at the woman that had brought her to her room. She was the last to be placed and if the doors (yes, plural) were any indication, the room was a lot more luxurious than the ones that were prepared for the rest of her team. It already felt uncomfortable before she pushed the doors open. She let out a big sigh stepping in, finally a moment of rest in a very hectic 48 hours. The huge king sized bed in the middle of the room beckoned her when she heard someone speak up from the corner of the room.

"My goodness, this will not do. Not do at all..." A tall, elegant-looking woman with sharp features and a sterner face stared long and hard across the chamber. "Your figure is nothing like what we had been told to prepare for. And your hair is clearly a very different shade." She marched across the room with a pair of smaller, younger women in tow; apparently servants. "Have they sent me the correct member of your party?"

"I... eh..." Santu looked at the woman and then the other two in tow, blinked twice and was unable to hide a bit of disappointment when they were still there as she opened her eyes, "I'm Lieutenant Commander Taeler, I was sent here to oversee the accession procedures after the Ambassador was incapacitated during the voyage here." She froze in place as the women started to crowd her personal space, "What's going on?"

"Taeler...Taeler..." the woman perused the notepad in front of her. "This is all wrong." She sighed, clearly flustered. "I am Royal Clothier Zilla. I am supposed to be providing clothing and preparation for the Federation Ambassador prior to the Royal Gala this evening."

A slight frown as Santu tried to take a peek on the data padd, "Maybe under Santu?" She tried to be slightly helpful, but knew that anything they'd have on an ambassador was the woman that was now fighting for her life in the Athena's sickbay.

Zilla shook her head again. "No. This has been specified for one Ambassador Hortensia. However if you are the one leading the delegation then my information must be incorrect." She snapped her fingers, the two assistants jumping to action. "Arms up, please. We'll have to make a few adjustments. Certainly not the most difficult task; you appear smaller than the measurements we were given, and pulling the dress in should be straightforward before this evening."

"I'm sorry, did you say dress?" When Santu didn't raise her hands herself on of the assistants pushed it at a 90 degree angle, "I'm not sure that's appropriate, I'm a Starfleet officer, here on an official diplomatic assignment, I'm pretty sure I'm expected to wear my dress uniform." While it might've been technically correct that she was expected in her dress whites, it was more the fact that she really wasn't a dress person that made her bring it up.

The Royal Clothier stared at her, not quite seeming to understand. "You say you are the official representative, here in place of the Ambassador, yes? In that case there has been no mistake made. You have been honoured with a gift from Her Royal Highness. Protocol dictates that you present for this evening's gala appropriately attired. To not do so...would not be wise." The words were somewhat apologetic rather than threatening. Zilla visibly swallowed, contemplating what might happen in the event of such a faux pas.

"I was afraid you were going to say that," Santu slumped her shoulders with a sigh, the assistants continuing their diligent work on her measurements, "I don't think I'll have shoes to go with the dress." She said, in the distant hope that this might dissuade them from continuing their measurements.

"Not to worry!" Zilla snapped her fingers and one of the assistants immediately darted away. "As Royal Clothier I have access to a wide variety of style and sizes," she smiled helpfully. "Now...your hair should be long enough to do something with. We'll need some time to work on it, however. Did you bring any of your own styling provisions with you?"

"What's wrong with my hairstyle?" Santu tried to look up, a fruitless endeavour of course. Her gold blond hairs were tied in a tight bun on the back of her head. She then shook her head, there was no way she was going to get out of this, "I didn't bring any styling provisions, ma'am."

"What's wrong with your hairstyle..." Zilla echoed with a sympathetic smile. "Darling, what's right with this hairstyle? It'll never do. Fortunately we are well equipped here at the Palace. I'll ensure we have a bath prepared and servants to fully prepare you for the evening's activities." She paused momentarily. "Am I to assume you...are unprepared for the Gala dance?"

Santu felt and assistant wrap her hands around her waist to make a measurement, she startled at the sudden 'embrace'. It distracted her from the question that Zilla asked, then it started to sink in. "A. Ah. Ehm. Gala dance?" she was starting to experience a shiver that ran down her spine, a cold sweat forming in the small of her back.

"Oh..." Zilla put an over-dramatic hand to her head. "I see. A lot of work to do." She quickly scribbled some notes as three more servants arrived. "I shall have to make further arrangements. Please make sure you are properly prepared. I shall make sure a tutor is provided in good time for you to, ah...pick up the basics." She gave a sympathetic look. "I'm sure you will not embarrass yourself too much, Ms Taeler."

Already prepared to correct the woman on her name, Santu realised that she didn't make a mistake. This woman was well informed, she swallowed a lump in her throat and gave a nod, "Thank you, miss Zilla." It didn't fill her with any measure of confidence, looked down at one of the assistants that were now finished measuring. They seemed to be whispering amongst themselves, probably due to how unprepared Santu had been for this whole ordeal. Had she known she would've spent the entire night practising steps, rather than learning the intricate genealogy of the royal line.

"Very good. I shall return presently. Please do send for me if you have any other needs or requests." Zilla gave the most saccharine of sweet smiles and gave her a slight bow on her way out.

Santu returned the bow, still a bit flabbergasted by the whole ordeal. All she wanted was to take a nap, and with everyone out of the room she shuffled over to the huge bed and threw off her dress uniform, let her hair loose and faceplanted on the bed. She wanted to complain, but this pampering made it impossible to be upset about anything and not sound like a stuck up 16-year old from Earth.


Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu
Executive Officer
USS Athena

Royal Clothier Zilla (and assistants)
(NPC Kane)


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