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I got your back

Posted on Tue Apr 7th, 2020 @ 4:39pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone & Lieutenant Kevan Dash

Mission: In the Family
Location: Security Office

Mason yawned, rubbing his eyes as he refocused on their work. They'd been at it for hours, without break. "I'm going to the bathroom and then get something to eat. Do you want anything?"

"A couple of bottles of Kesatian Ale wouldn't go amiss," Kevan replied, supressing a yawn. He squeezed his own shoulder, trying to release some of the tension there. "Or a couple Orion slave girls working on my back here," he smiled.

Mason stood and walked around his friend, placing strong hands across his shoulders. "That back rub I can provide," he said then leaned forward. "That Ale is probably not such a good idea," he teased, as his fingers worked the tense muscles. "You're lucky I had a husband with nimble fingers and learned a thing or two during our marriage. He gave great back rubs.."

Kevan's eyes drifted shut as the tension was eased out of his upper back. "Damn. You have incredible hands," he sighed. "You sure you're not an Orion slave girl in disguise?"

"Do you want me to be?" Mason teased, his grin unseen by his friend.

Kevan's eyes blinked open. He was enjoying the shoulder massage, sure. So why did it bother him that it was another guy doing it rather than some exotic dancer? Surely he needed to be more open-minded, right? Besides, it wasn't like there was anyone else around to see. "Well, uh, depends how you look in veils and a bikini, I guess..."

Mason chuckled under his breath. "I don't know.... I've never tried wearing a dress before." He continued to work the man's shoulder and upper back muscles. "Works better if you're lying down but perhaps we should reserve that for a holodeck.... Bit of a work out or something and then a proper massage?" He worked his fingers up to Kevan's neck. "How come you're so tensed up?"

"I'm not tense..." Kevan protested. "Well, not that much. It's been a long day, is all." He still hadn't moved from his seating position. Indeed, the touch on his back and neck were genuinely starting to relax him. "And the chairs down here are clearly designed for Marines, who as we all know don't even like comfort."

"Hah! I like comfort just fine, thank you very much..." He moved his fingers up into Kevan's hair and let them work towards his temples. "Don't fall asleep on me," he whispered in his ear, "we still have work to do once the results of those scans come in."

Kevan chuckled. "You're not making it easy," he managed, his eyes drifting closed again. He opened them as he felt Mason's breath on the back of his neck. It tickled. He suddenly felt strange. "Uh...what was that you said about a work out? Maybe a run, or something?"

"Oh I can run," Mason smirked, "but I was thinking maybe something a bit more involves a log and mud..."

Kevan's eyebrows raised. "I haven't done anything like that since my academy days. Do you think the holodeck has a program?"

"Sure... I took some programs with me from my last assignment. Trust me, this scene is in there. And I promise, it'll be fun, and you'll know you had a workout." He leaned a fraction closer. "Not to mention a bath," he smiled.

"Well, we've definitely earned a break," Kevan nodded, approving of the idea. "I'm sure we can make it to the holodeck now. What do you think?"

"Great! I promise you'll love it." His enthusiasm was showing and he was restraining himself from grabbing the other man's hand and physically drag him along. "Let's go!"

Kevan slowly rose from his seat, put his PADD down, stretched, the finally nodded with a grin. "All right. Let's do this. Promise I won't go easy on you!"

== A few minutes later ==

The holodeck doors opened to reveal a large muddy pool with a log suspended over it. Mason grinned broadly as he yanked off his boots and socks, then proceeded to remove his jacket. "Well," he urged, "get on the log and grab the pillow that lies there. First one to knock the other off wins."

"Pillow...?" Kevan hesitated. Was this what marines got up to when they wanted to get a work out? "I thought this was supposed to be some sort of tough-mud-run thing. Y'know, hardcore marine assault course."

Mason laughed. "You'll see," he said as he climbed onto the log and grabbed one of the available pillows. "C'mon Kev, get up here and I'll show you. The obstacle course is something we can still do, but tis is all about skill and strength too.... you'll see."

Kevan was a little nervous about the whole thing. Then again, Mason sounded pretty enthusiastic about it. Shrugging to himself that he wouldn't chicken out of anything for looking un-macho, he clambered awkwardly up onto the massive log. "So...we're what - pillow-fighting on a log?"

"And keep your balance," Mason smirked as he swung his pillow towards Kevan, all while trying not to unsettle himself.

Kevan wobbled, trying to hold himself upright more than do battle. He could see Mason taking another swing and ducked, almost toppling. "This" he grunted unconvincingly, bringing up his own pillow in a vague attempt to swat back. He missed, almost completely losing his footing.

Mason laughed. "Sit down," he urged, "I don't want you to get hurt." He waited until Kevan sat, then took another swing at him, nearly knocking himself off in the process.

"See, I don't even know the rules of your little game here," Kevan protested. He glanced down at the muddy bog below. "You're angling to whack me into a big puddle of whatever that is down there and you're worried about me getting hurt?" He sighed, uncomfortably moving his weight around. "I don't think I'll ever fully understand you humans..."

"The only rule is to try and knock me off this log, however you like. No biting of course..." Mason grinned, "and that's mud... nothing to it, just mud. No dirt or anything, nothing in there either."

"I guess I shouldn't just pull a phaser on you either, huh?" He shrugged. "Feels like kids play-acting as Klingons or something," Kevan smirked, taking another wild swing.

"I suppose but where's the fun in that?" Mason ducked, feeling his leg slip as he moved. He attempted a wild swing towards Kevan's head before splashing into the mud.

Kevan lifted his pillow aloft in victory as he looked down on his defeated opponent. "Ha! Beaten at your own game!" he boasted. "Maybe this thing isn't so hard at all."

Wiping the mud from his eyes, Mason climbed back onto the log, showering his opponent with droplets of mud as he swung his dirty pillow. "Toldye this was fun," he teased the Trill, "ha...the mud has the same colour as your spots."

"Maybe you should stop looking at the spots and look at this!" Kevan took a big two-handed swing of his pillow, but he was overreaching and pulled himself way off-balance. With a little yelp he teetered right on the edge of falling. He dropped the pillow and made a vain scramble to try to hold on.

"Can't help your spots making you even more handsome," Mason teased, while making a grab for him. He missed however and watched Kevan take a dive. "Need a hand up?" He offered.

Sopping wet and dripping, Kevan stood for a moment, letting it slosh off his clothing as he took stock for a second. Shooting Mason a devious grin he nodded, took hold of the other man's hand, and pulled sharply, dragging him off the log and splashing into the mud.

Yelping, Mason splashed into the mud, taking Kevan down with him. In an attempt to wipe his hair from his face he made it only worse by wiping the soppy brown slush into his hair. Still he grinned. "Good call," he praised, "but I have you now...." He leaned over the other man, grabbing him by the wrists. "You wanted a workout, you got one," he grinned devilishly.

Kevan's grin disappeared when he realised that although he was taller, he was also leaner than the other man. And Mason had the sudden leverage with his grasp. "Wait-"

"Yes?" Mason leaned closer, not even using all his weight. He was well aware of his 'more advanced' training and he didn't want to tout the other off. He was giving him plenty of opportunity and room to turn the tables.

Kevan tried to pull his hands away, somewhat unsuccessfully. He figured out yelling an objection would buy himself some time. "I...uhm...damn." Nothing came to mind. He tried pushing back but he wasn't quite strong enough.

Feeling one of the captured wrist slip, Mason tried to reposition himself, but managed to slip on the mud instead. "Oof," he managed as he fell on top of Kevan. "Sorry... you okay?"

Kevan felt the wind slightly knocked out of him as he landed in the mud, but it was nothing serious. "Will feel that in the morning," he grunted with a little good-natured chuckle. "So do I still win?"

"I think you will feel the workout in its entirety in the morning," Mason chuckled as he pushed himself up. "And of won, I fell first." For a moment he stared the other in the eyes, then he leaned down and kissed him.

Kevan was taken off-guard as their lips met. In the moment of surprise he froze, pinned as he was by the weight of Mason on top of him. Then, after a moment, the kiss was over and he was laid just staring up at the other man. "What...what was that?" he gasped, pulling himself out from underneath him. " kissed me."

Mason scrambled as he slid in the mud, while the other pulled away. He landed flat on his back, and now it was his turn to stare up. "Yes.." he finally answered, turning his head to look away. "I'm sorry..." But it had felt right, and he hadn't resisted, so Mason held a spark of hope.

Kevan wasn't really sure what to do or where to look. "I'm...I'm not..." he saw Mason's expression. The man felt guilty, by the looks of him. And that made Kevan feel guilty about reacting so strongly. Had he given the wrong impression? Had he led the other man on somehow? "Mason..." He wasn't even sure what he wanted to say. "Uh...maybe we should get cleaned up, huh? Get back to work?"

"Already?" Disappointment flitted across the former marine's face as he struggled to get up. "You don't want to do a regular obstacle course instead?" This had hardly been a workout and they'd been here barely ten minutes by the feel of it.

"I guess I'm just not feeling it," Kevan mumbled. "I should go." He backed uncertainly away towards the exit.

"Oh..." Mason's face was a mask of disappointment now. "Are you sure? We still have time." He clambered out of the mud, looking like a brown, dripping mess.

"Honestly I'm not sure about anything. But I think I should go and get cleaned up. We should get back to work," Kevan repeated, holding on to it as his escape plan.

"Oh, okay.." Mason looked down at his muddy self. "I'll meet you back in the office in ten."

Kevan nodded wordlessly, still not making eye contact as be backed out of the holodeck.

Lt Kevan Dash
Security Officer
USS Athena
(PNPC Kane)

SCPO Mason Malone
Investigations Officer
PNPC Savin


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