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A Royal Engagement

Posted on Mon Mar 30th, 2020 @ 4:50pm by Hamilton Broll & Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D. & Lieutenant Dessame Sar & Lieutenant Savin

Mission: In the Family
Location: Paratus IV - Royal Palace
Timeline: MD-5


The landing party, half-a-dozen strong, shimmered into place on the wide open stone veranda of the Paratan Royal Palace. The first thing they felt was the warm heat on their skins as a crystal blue sky was filled with the bright light of the midday sun. Around them, the view was of valleys and mountains, the Paratan capital spread below their vantage point like a carpet of structures, while on the other side the ancient-looking structure filled their vision. From a tall-windowed entrance, a crowd of female humanoids emerged.

Queen Sarissa appeared to tower over most of her entourage, her elegant dress and hair seeming to be deliberately intended to show her status over the others around her. Clearly most of those making up her attendants were of some sort of lower class, with their heads bowed. A pair of uniformed guards completed her detail.

She approached the group of Starfleet Officers, scanning faces and postures for an indication of authority.

Santu stepped forward first and gave a slight bow at the Queen that approached her, she knew that she shouldn't speak first since social etiquette required the Queen to initiate a conversation. She gave a warm smile and awaited a reply.

"You are the Ambassadors?" Sarissa looked over the group, not bowing herself, merely observing. Her eyes caught the two male members of the landing party - Hamilton and Savin - and lingered, her face a picture of uncertainty. "Queen Sarissa Lautara de Rollo Noteuil IV. You may address me as Queen Sarissa. Or Highness, if you prefer."

Feeling very uncomfortable in his dress uniform, Savin did his best to keep his attention on everyone. He also tried very hard not to stare at the queen who in one word simply looked marvelous. He was aware of her gaze lingering on himself and Hamilton, so he averted his gaze just enough to not seem to be openly look at her. Enough to still see her speak if needed.

Dessame had initiated the link betweek her and Savin before their arrival on the planet. The link was strong and she would relay any words spoken to him through that. However, keeping the link purely communication-based would need focus as she was opening her mind up for it. There were parts that would seep in given the barriers dropped.

She stood just behind Santu, her protector of sorts but that was where she would always stand, by the most senior officer. Dessame noted the Queen's eyes on the men, but still relayed the information spoken to Savin and smiled at the Queen at the same time.

"In the recent altercation the Ambassador appointed to this accession meeting was injured and they are currently recovering in the medical bay of our vessel. I have been put forward in her stead, your Highness." Santu gave another short bow to indicate her respect for the majesty, "In light of recent events I'm being accompanied by my Chief of Security, Lieutenant Dessame Sar, Doctor Savin, and Envoy Hamilton Broll" She introduced her team.

"I am very sorry to hear of your Ambassador's injuries. I do hope she recovers quickly." The Queen motioned towards the palace interior. "Please. Accompany me." She led without waiting, as though it were expected that they would obey. "I trust that the present situation changes very little as regards the purpose of your visit. It was my hope that these talks would be merely a formality."

"We don't foresee any problems in that respect, your Highness," Taeler knew how to pander to someone that put some importance in titles, "I have taken over the documentation from the Ambassador, and Envoy Broll has been involved since the early stages of the accession."

Savin studied the woman as they followed her, taking note of how she moved and how she carried herself. Her dress seemed to sparkle as it caught the light, her hair bouncing slightly with each step. Her beauty, he forced himself to admit, was beyond comparison. Without realizing it, he was openly staring at her again.

~Careful, her sequins may blind you.~ Dessame spoke across their link. Her poker face still as good as ever. They followed the Queen and Dess listened as she spoke. She was not under the impression this was a formality at all, but she had never been in this situation before where an Ambassador was not present to conclude talks.

Savin turned his head a fraction, casting her a small smile. With a brief nod to acknowledge her words, he continued to look ahead, not wanting to appear rude. I hope not. He answered Dessame, a note of seriousness in his mental voice.

"...and of course there is the formal gala this evening. I know you will be in attendance." The Queen was finishing. A statement of fact rather than a request. Clearly she wasn't used to asking. She regarded the landing party for a moment. "Until then, food will be provided and guest chambers have been prepared for you...and your servants." Her eyes flicked to the two male members of the group.

Savin arched a single eyebrow at the queen when she called them servants. "Pardon me, your highness," he spoke up, "I am not a servant, I am Chief Counselor Savin."

The Queen stopped in place at the sound of his voice. Even the entourage around her froze, stunned by the break in protocol. After a moment she turned and looked over her shoulder at him. At first her eyes were ablaze with rage, but that subsided and was replaced by a mix of curiosity and amusement. "Naturally." She left it ambiguous enough that her statement could be taken as either a concession or condescension. She looked back at the rest of the group again. "Until later. Please, take some time to appreciate our hospitality."

Hamilton Broll
Federation Envoy
(PNPC Kane)

Queen Sarissa
(PNPC Kane)

Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu, M.D.
Executive Officer

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counselor

Lt Dessame Sar
Chief of Security


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