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The Show Goes On

Posted on Tue Mar 31st, 2020 @ 8:10pm by Lieutenant Leah Bailey & Lieutenant Dessame Sar & Lieutenant Savin

Mission: In the Family
Location: Shuttle Bay
Timeline: After 'Doing a little digging'

Feeling late to the party, Savin came into the shuttle bay at almost a full run. "Excuse me," he murmured as he sidestepped a tall Vulcan looking male. "I am Counselor Savin, I was told to report here."

Peter looked sideways at the new arrival and cast him a simple nod in acknowledgement. "So... this craft..." he started, looking at the others in their little investigative party. "Who is going inside and who will take outside readings?"

As the process would be lengthy, Mortigar had already started a deep level scan of the vessel’s exterior. He slowly passed his tricorder over an aft-starboard section of the craft. Morty only trusted himself with such an important task as what the data would be instrumental in developing a defence, should these people attack them again. “Please, be my guest,” He offered to the others. “I’m good out here.”

Dessame smirked a little at Morty's reply. "I guess I'll be going inside then." she said as she walked towards the rear of the craft. It was old for sure, covered in scrapes, burns and some odd markings she didn't recognise and the doors at the back of the craft looked even older, as if added from another. She had some difficulty opening them but with a little perseverance she got the door to drop. A smell hit her first that caused her to throw her arm up to her mouth and nose. She swore a little in Betazoid and looked at the group, her eyes watering a little. "I would say our friend in there is a little ripe..."

"Then I will stay with you," Peter told the science chief.

At the same time, the counselor followed Dessame inside, covering his nose and mouth with his sleeve. "We should transport him to sickbay," he suggested, "then a post-mortem can tell us more about this poor pilot." He looked up at Dessame. "Where should we start?"

"I would be reluctant to move him until we have investigated the shuttle more. This is a crime scene after all and I think everything in here is important... no matter the smell." Dessame entered the shuttle and looked around. "I guess we had better see if this thing still has power. See if they were communicating with anyone."

Continuing to cover his nose and mouth with his sleeve, Savin nodded. "Then we should start with him," he suggested, moving towards the dead body, hovering his tricorder over it. "He is burned, which may be the cause of death. However to be certain I believe Doctor Reed should perform a proper post mortem. I see no other evidence of damage at first sight. I am however, not that kind of doctor so it is beyond my area of expertise."

"I would agree." Dessame began looking the man over. "It looks like there is a crude power device under the navigation console that has ruptured." She said indicating the said console underneath. "It must have overloaded when he took damage that covered him in whatever was inside which ignited and caused his death." She began to note this on a PADD she took from her belt. Every note would be helpful.

Savin knelt down, peering under the console before turning his head. "What if it did not overload?" he asked, "what if it was meant to detonate?"

"As in a suicide device, or remote denotation to stop capture?" Dessame half asked rhetorically.

"For example," Savin agreed, "or someone planted it unbeknown to the craft's pilot? What if we are looking at murder to put the blame on someone else?"

"Very possible." Dessame replied scratching her head. "We should remove it for further study." She added before moving up to the body.

It was badly burnt but definitely male. You don't mistake body shapes even if this gentleman's was quite slight. You could still see the denser arms, shape of chest etc. Sadly his face was too badly damaged and Dessame had decided to indeed remove the body to Sickbay for examination. There was nothing really to be gained from it sitting there gawking at them like a crispy onlooker.

"We should attempt to disconnect the device and power the craft up. Maybe we can get some information from the computer." Dessame looked at Savin, her eyes softened a little as she awaited a reply.

Savin nodded slowly. "Perhaps if we work together, though you will have to talk me through this, I am not an engineer. I do not believe we should tread lightly, even if this device has detonated. We do not know its origin."

Dessame nodded. "We will be careful."

Outside of craft

Peter walked up to the science chief. "Thoughts?" he asked as he studied the outside of the craft.

Leah poked her head out from the other side of the craft.

"It's fascinating. I'm not even close to being an expert on spacecraft. However I will catalogue as much information as I can," she explained. All this was rather interesting, if not her real area of expertise. "Any suggestions what we're looking for?"

Peter shook his head. "I am no expert either," he admitted, "but I believe we are looking for signs of what caused the damage to this vessel. Or more to the point: who. We know that we fired upon it, but did we destroy it to the point of its current condition?"

"Ah, curious!" Leah smiled brightly. "That is something I might be able to clarify." She lifted a tricorder, taking some scans. After a minute or two, she nodded. "Yes, definitely multiple particulates. I can tell you from this that the craft has been sub-orbital recently, and was indeed struck by something other than standard Starfleet phaser banks." She closed the tricorder with a flourish.

"Perhaps we should have our specialized security teams pore over those data," Peter suggested.

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counselor

LtC Peter Horn
Chief StratOps
Pnpc Savin

Lieutenant Dessame Sar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant Leah Bailey
Science Officer
(PNPC Kane)


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