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Posted on Mon Mar 9th, 2020 @ 10:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Thy'lissa Shan & Lieutenant Kevan Dash & Lieutenant Dessame Sar & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mason Malone

Mission: In the Family
Location: Security Chief's Office
Timeline: MD-4

Kevan approached Lieutenant Sar's office ready for whatever she had planned. He'd only received the summons late, so he was feeling a little under-prepared, but he'd learned over time - hell, running the Arcadia's security team for six months was a lesson in itself - that in this business you had to be ready for anything.

Approaching her door and reaching for the call button, he stopped just short as a familiar face approached from the other direction.

This time wearing the proper uniform, Mason really felt out of place as he approached the office. His face lit up at the sight of his teammate. "Hi," he called out, quickening his pace. "Sir," he added in a tone that was somewhere between a tease and being serious.

"Oh. Uh...hi." Kevan squinted. "...Senior Chief Petty Officer. Wow, that's a mouthful." He paused. "To say, I mean. Long title. Anyways, I was just summoned by Lieutenant Sar, so..."

"Eh senior chief will do," Mason laughed, "and I was summoned too... any idea what this might be about?"

"Not a clue. Word is the Ambassador lady got hurt badly in the attack, though. Hopefully she's not about to chew us out for something that we had nothing to do with..." Kevan shrugged. It was possible, though unlikely. He thumbed the button for entry finally.

"Pfff women," Mason retorted just as the door opened, "always so sensitive!"

Dessame had managed to just catch Mason's comment as the doors parted. "I think you'll find out Senior Chief that we are not ALL sensitive and if you want proof of that then I can happily arrange it for you." She said as she waved her hand for them both to enter. She had a little smile on her face as she said it but made sure that a little squirming could be done.

The former marine had the grace to look startled at being overheard but he waved it off all the same. "Oh no ma'am that's not necessary. As the only man in a house full of women while growing up, I know for sure that they aren't. Well not all of them."

"I can list you about a dozen that would agree with you," Kevan nodded. He grinned at Dessame. Despite her being his senior officer she was about as good-looking as a boss could be. Keeping his posture casual, he gazed across the desk. "So what's the call about, Lieutenant?"

"It must be important that we're both called down here," Mason supplied, "I mean... well.. we're both here.. we've not done anything wrong have we? I mean.... have people been gossiping?"

"Definitely not. Because nothing happened. Right?" Kevan shot a glance at Dessame, who was starting to look annoyed with them already. "I like girls," he added, with emphasis.

"Oh, we know." The voice from behind them piped-up. Kevan nearly jumped out of his skin as he'd not seen Lt Commander Shan enter. She skirted around the outside of them, giving Dessame a reassuring look. "It's all over the junior officers' lounge."

"Who are you," Mason demanded, "and what exactly is all over the lounge." He cast Kevan a meaningful look. "Nothing happened," he confirmed, "even if you hadn't liked girls, nothing would've happened."

"Who I am is the Second Officer," Thy'lissa motioned to her pips, clearly showing she outranked him. "And I know nothing happened, Petty Officer Malone," she continued. "It was merely a joke." She stopped in front of the Security Chief's desk. "You're here because Lieutenant Sar is needed elsewhere. Lieutenant Dash is the next in chain of command, and Mr Malone is the lead investigative officer. You're to work with the senior staff to investigate the clues from the captured attackers."

The former marine's eyes widened and he instantly stiffened a little. "I apologize ma'am," he murmured, "and of course we will, won't we Kev?"

Kevan nodded, his eyes still a little wide. "We can keep it professional, ma'am. You can count on us to do a good job." He looked at Mason, hoping they could keep the rapport working.

"All professional," Mason confirmed, somewhat unnecessarily. "What exactly are we to look for?"

"We're waiting for the examination reports from the module imminently. Lt Commander Horn was taking the lead on that part of things. Speak to him," Thy'lissa shrugged.

"Understood, ma'am." Kevan looked at Mason. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Mason smiled, gesturing for the senior security officer to go first. "Boss," he added with a smirk.

Kevan responded with an awkward nod, leading the other man out.

Behind them, just as the door closed, Thy'lissa grinned smugly at Dessame.

"This should be interesting."

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Lt Kevan Dash
Security Officer
USS Athena
(PNPC Kane)

Lt Commander Thy'lissa Shan
Second Officer
USS Athena
(PNPC Kane)

SCPO Mason Malone
Investigations officer
pnpc Savin

Lt Dessame Sar
Chief of Security
USS Athena


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