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Shiny Things

Posted on Fri Apr 17th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant Dessame Sar & Lieutenant Savin

Mission: In the Family
Location: CTSO's Office

Tedious as it was, Savin understood the need for personal items to be registered. Even if he didn't really use it, and really only wore it during formal occasions, organized demonstrations, or the occasional actual combat situation. Savin held the sword and scabbard in his right hand as he walked into the CTSO's office. "Miss Sar?" he called out, obviously having done his homework and learned the chief's name before walking in. "Are you available?"

Dessame looked at her timepiece when the question was asked. "I have some time..." She looked to see the pips. "Lieutenant. What can I do for you?" she added with a smile.

"Counselor, or doctor," he corrected her, mirroring the offered smile. He laid the elegant scabbard onto her desk, slightly pulling the blade from the sheath to show the ice blue blade. "Regulations dictate I need to declare my personal weapon," Savin stated calmly.

Dessame smiled, "You are still a Lieutenant whether or not you are a Doctor or Counsellor." She replied but welcomed him into the office. "If you are counsellor you must be Savin?" she asked. "I was going to come and see you later but I guess this means I don't have to. We can declare your weapons too." Dessame smiled once again and gestured for him to put his weapons down.

As he already had, Savin took a small step back. "You were coming to see me?" It took a moment for him to realize she must refer to a professional visit. "Ah yes... It is not necessary for you to come to me if you wish to talk, I am perfectly happy to go where I am needed."

"It was just a transfer of care I am told." Dessame replied. "Doctor Becal on Betazed likes me to 'get comfortable' with every ships counsellor if I move so that I am not put off in talking to someone if anything triggers my, and I quote, 'impulsive trauma behaviour'." She rolled her eyes as she said the last part.

"I have just arrived myself so I have not had the chance to review any psychological files," Savin confessed, "perhaps you can tell me a little about yourself? Including the trauma you refer to, if you are willing of course."

"I hope I am not the first person you have met?" she half asked. Dessame didn't want the man's first meeting of his new crew-mates to be a story of her past trauma. She was always quite guarded about it.

"Oh no, certainly not," Savin assured her, "I have already met with several people. And I really do would like to hear more about you. Just yourself, if you do not wish to talk about your aforementioned trauma."

Dessame shifted a little uncomfortably in her seat. How did this become a surprise counselling session? Although she was sure this was just the mans nature. "There is a not a lot about me to tell if I am honest. I keep to myself, train and fulfil my duties. Keep in contact with my sister when I can and try to be a good person." She said holding back the trauma for now. The mental shield within her mind making it so.

"Relax," Savin smiled, "this is not a session. As I said I would just like to get to know you. And you can ask me anything too, this goes both ways, though I can tell you are guarded, there is no need. I will never press for answers if you do not wish to talk about something. But when you do, I will be available."

"Thank you Counsellor. I appreciate the kindness. Although I suppose that is built in you if you are a Counsellor, being empathetic and nice. I understand you have someone that usually accompanies you? Have they not come on board yet?" she asked.

"Jerant was delayed but he can arrive any minute now," Savin answered, "he is my interpreter while I have bridge duty and on other formal occasions. In sessions, even though he is bound to the same oaths as I, he rarely attends. I in fact prefer that he does not unless utterly necessary." He paused. "Also I do not believe that being either empathic, telepathic or nice has anything to do with my profession. I was raised Vulcan, but due to my handicap I had the necessity to emote. Since I learned my true heritage, I have chosen to apply those emotions where necessary even though at times I choose to maintain as much control as possible. Those instances however, have always been rare."

"I dont see having emotion as being a handicap, although on Vulcan I can see why it would be seen as that." She stopped for a minute to think. "Betazoids are a very emotional people. I mean you try telling my grandmother why she has no grandchildren yet." she rolled her eyes.

"I do not know why she has no grandchildren yet but if you want me to I would be willing to tell her?" Savin shrugged. "Though I assume that your lack of children is either due to having no desire to have them, or simply not having had the opportunity to find a mate, and reproduce. Either way, it is your choice to make, not that of your grandmother. I have no children either..."

"Oh Goddess no!" Dessame exclaimed. "Last thing you want to do is tell a Betazoid Matriach no. Trust me that is not going to end well for you, or me." She added. "But what you have deduced is right on both counts, children are not on the horizon for me. My grandmother always interferes in my personal affairs. I think it is a genetic trait all my species has." She half joked.

"I see..." He studied her. "You do not want a family?" He deduced carefully. "Most Vulcans are bonded at the age of seven. My parents chose not to bond us at that age, though now I feel it is because of our true heritage. I cannot be certain though I do know not all Vulcans are bonded. Some are left free to choose."

"I-eh... that is a conversation outside of these walls Lieutenant, sorry." Dessame admitted. Things were getting a little too personal for their first meeting. "That is your weapon all checked in and your security clearance set up. For more... personal chats I will book some of your time." she offered a smile.

"Thank you." Savin inclined his head slightly in acknowledgement. "We do not need to talk in my office, we can go anywhere you feel most at ease. I understand a counselor's office might not be comfortable for some at all. Let me know where, and I will come to you if necessary."

"I will keep that in mind, thank you." Dessame said. "If there is nothing else Lieutenant then you are as good to go as anyone." she smiled.

"No, nothing further," Savin smiled back. "Good day Lieutenant."

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counselor


Lieutenant Dessame Sar
Chief Security/Tactical Officer


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