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No Secrets

Posted on Sat Feb 15th, 2020 @ 10:32am by Commander Jacob Kane & Lieutenant Savin

Mission: In the Family
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD-06 - Immediately After Attack

The ship had been shaking. Not having served on a Prometheus before, Savin didn't correlate the shaking of the deckplates with the ship separating into three sections. The feeling was an unsettling one, not knowing what something meant. He did see the red alert lights, but didn't hear the accompanying sounds.

Taking a deep breath to gather his wits, Savin now headed to the bridge. With all that had been going on, he hadn't a chance to report in yet, having arrived only just before the attack of the little vessels he'd seen out of the window. At least the ship wasn't unpredictably shaking anymore and the turbolift brought him to the bridge within seconds. His eyes scanned the bridge until they settled on the man in the center chair. Straightening, the Romulan counselor stepped down towards the center. "Sir, Lieutenant Savin reporting for duty," he said, keeping his eyes fixed on the man.

Kane, who was on his way towards Sickbay, halted at the officer in front of him. Clocking the rank, blue colouring and the pointed ears, he quickly processed things.

"Lieutenant Savin, correct? I'd say welcome aboard, but you appear to be with us in the middle of some trouble."

"Apparently," Savin replied, quickly reading the response from a small PADD he carried. "I apologise captain, I do not have my aide with me yet. He will arrive on the next transport, as he missed the one I arrived with. He had some matters to attend to of a private nature. Until his arrival I shall utilize a PADD in case I cannot see people speak. Do we know what attacked us?"

"Not entirely," Kane replied. "Whoever they were hit us immediately after we dropped out of warp into the system."

"Seems like they are aiming to stall us," Savin mused, "what can I do to help?"

Kane glanced back at the bridge. "Right now? I suppose there's likely to be people from the Glory needing your assistance in making sense of this. Otherwise, you could assist Lt Sar with interrogating a potential attacker."

"I can," Savin answered though he seemed uncomfortable with the idea of interrogation, and it showed on his face. "Do we know who is the aggressor?"

Kane smirked a little as he walked to the turbolift. "That's what I want you to find out, Lieutenant."

Savin was fortunate to have his PADD on hand, or he would have missed the Captain's words. "Do you want me to come with you?" He asked as he hurried after the man.

"Perhaps...rendezvous with Lieutenant Sar and Lt Commander Horn in the cargo bay," Kane suggested.

"Of course." Savin nodded. "I will go meet with them. Anything I should know before I head down?"

"We don't know who attacked us," Kane replied. "And we know very little about the inhabitants of this system, so be prepared for anything?"

"Of course. I will head down now." Savin paused as they waited for the car to arrive. "Ah... which deck sir? I am unfamiliar with this vessel."

"Bay 2 is on Deck 5," Kane replied. He was momentarily bemused by the fact that his new counsellor seemed like the most disorganised arrival he'd seen so far, but he didn't really have time to dwell on the fact with everything else going on.

"Deck five," Savin ordered promptly as the car arrived and they stepped inside. "You seem amused by something," he added as he studied his new commanding officer. "Was it something I said?"

"You're not what I expected from a ship's counsellor," Kane remarked earnestly. "The counsellors I've encountered in the past are typically organised and self-aware. You're...well, you don't strike me in that way. At least at first impression."

"I am not a typical counselor and usually I am more organized," Savin smiled, "I am extremely aware of my own limitations, but I do my best not to make it a point. I do not want to be treated differently simply because I am deaf. In a few days I will have Jerant to assist me when i have bridge duty, and until then I can manage without. When I do not have bridge duty, I am certain Jerant will find other duties or interests to amuse himself. Unless needed, he does not sit in on my sessions. He is very useful and I trust him with my life, and my secrets. Trust me, he can keep secrets."

"Your...disability was not under question, Counsellor," Kane clarified. "And I prefer not to keep too many secrets among my senior staff. Trust is important among senior officers."

"I have no intention of keeping it a secret but I do not intend on publicly announcing it either," the Romulan answered calmly, "I have experienced people treating me differently because of it and I do not want that. I have led a relatively normal life so far and with the help of Jerant I can keep doing so. He is a telepath and communicates with me through that or sign. Usually sign so that people can see something is going on. I am not a man of many secrets captain."

"Interesting trait for a Romulan," Kane remarked, as the doors to the turbolift opened. "I'm sure we'll speak again soon, Counsellor."

"A Romulan who did not know he was one until a few months ago," Savin reminded him, "I was raised Vulcan. And I will see you soon indeed." He smiled, almost devilishly at that. "Good day captain."

:: OFF ::

Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Savin
Chief Counselor
USS Athena


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