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Welcome Aboard

Posted on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 @ 1:01pm by Commander Jacob Kane

Mission: Shakedown

Given the mass exodus of the Athena's previous command crew, Kane was having a hard time finding new blood to fill his key positions. The arrival of an XO had been a welcome relief, and he knew that he had a core of competent officers at his disposal, but it seemed Starfleet had decided to give him free reign on his senior officer recruitment. That was both a good and bad thing, apparently.

The raft of applicants for a science role on board a heavy escort such as this one was hardly exciting reading, yet the officer Kane had selected had stood out. As an Evoran, Lieutenant Mortigar presented an opportunity to bring something different to the table; something most ambitious young officers lacked. That was why he'd brought him in, and why he was ready for this new officer to arrive.

As if on cue, the chime to the ready room sounded. After being called in, the doors parted, allowing the Athena's newest arrival to enter the room. Lieutenant Mortigar was quite short. This was normal for his race. His height was somewhere in between an Ithenite and a Ferengi. He was wearing his Starfleet uniform comprised of the usual black jacket with grey ribbed shoulders and science blue tunic underneath. As he'd just arrived aboard the ship, he had a duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

"Lieutenant Mortigar, reporting in Captain," the friendly face announced.

Kane took a moment to take in the diminutive officer stood before him. It was fortunate his ready room was as cramped as it was; a larger room might have really dwarfed him.

"Thank you for coming, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard the Athena," he said.

"Thank you, Sir," Morty replied. "I am excited to get started on this challenging assignment." In that, his comment was directed towards the Athena herself. Whilst it had unique combat capabilities, its scientific potential would be severely lacking compared to what he was used to on the Sally Ride. Still, he'd make do with what he had and find a way to make it work for everyone.

"Challenging is one way to describe it," Kane nodded. "I appreciate we're not a science vessel, nor are we typically deployed on survey missions, however in all my previous assignments I've learned never to devalue the science department on any ship, Lieutenant. Whether that's breaking down an unknown enemy's weakness or evaluating improvements to our own capabilities, I have no doubt your contribution will be vital to this ship's activities."

"You can count on me, Captain," the Evoran reaffirmed. Of course he knew that there was more to science than, well, the science-y stuff. He simply preferred that to the alternative; the thought of which manifested his first question for his CO. Plus, he was curious. "Sir, it is my understanding that you've been on this vessel for several years now... if that is in fact the case, what happened to your... previous crew," he asked.

"Reassignments and refitting," Kane explained. "The Athena has been through a lot over the years. Not many crew can stand six months in drydock. To be honest I was looking forward to bringing in some fresh blood and new ideas. Such as yourself."

That made sense. Even so, Morty couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more to the whole situation. He couldn't fault his CO for holding his head up high and moving on from whatever it is that happened. The Lieutenant nodded and finally commented; "I have plenty of new ideas, Sir. Once we get under way I was hoping to start some projects with my team. People like us can't have idle minds," he said whilst tapping his head with his finger.

"Frankly I'm counting on it," Kane nodded. "As department head, you're free to work on those projects you see fit; I'd like you to coordinate your activities with Lieutenant Commander Parr, he should ensure you have all of the resources you need."

"I will make it a point to speak with him as soon as possible," Morty told him. The two would have to meet sooner rather than later anyhow as Parr was the ship's first officer.

"Excellent." Kane rose from his seat, realising sharply that he now towered over the Evoran. Dismissing the momentary awkwardness, he extended a hand. "In that case, welcome to the crew Lieutenant. I look forward to hearing more from your department."

Morty reached forward and shook the Captain's hand. "You will soon enough!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. With their impromptu meeting at an end, the Chief Science Officer took his leave of the ready room. There were more introductions to be made, and much work to get started on before the end of the day.

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Lt Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena

Lieutenant Mortigar
Chief Science Officer
USS Athena


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