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In The Family - Prologue

Posted on Sun Jan 12th, 2020 @ 11:07pm by Commander Jacob Kane

Mission: In the Family
Location: USS Athena - Bridge
Timeline: MD-00

Kane gazed at the distant starfield on the main viewer, his stint on the bridge coming to a close. His mind had been wandering, glad that all of the recent additions to the crew had been settling in well, his senior staff slowly forming into something of a unit at last. It bothered him that the previous staff had been gutted - including his prospective XO - but he knew he couldn't dwell on it.

"Commander, we're receiving a hail from the Federation Diplomatic Service," the Ensign at Ops - whose name Kane hadn't even learned yet - piped-up. Straightening his uniform, Kane motioned to the main viewer. After a second, a kindly-looking older man came into view. He didn't look at all familiar, which was to be anticipated given Kane's lack of interaction with the diplomatic arm of the Federation.

"This is Commander Kane of the Athena. How can we help you?"

"Director Hubert Vilinus, FDS." The response was practically monotone. Ironic that a diplomat might have a disengaging personality, Kane noted. "Commander, I've been authorised by your superiors to redirect you and your ship to rendezvous with a courier vessel not far from your location. Coordinates being issued now."

"A courier?" Kane wondered aloud. "What is this about, if you don't mind me asking?"

"You're to put yourself at the disposal of Lady Donatella Hortensia, Federation Ambassador, who requires your official escort to the Paratus star system," the director explained, his disinterested expression unchanging.

Kane didn't recognise the name of either the woman or the destination. Something to rectify later.

"Director, you are aware that the Athena is a heavy cruiser on deep-space patrol assignment. Pulling us from frontier service for-"

"This reassignment has been so ordered by the Admiralty, Commander. Do take up your complaints with them. Right now I have many other things to be getting on with." The director waved a hand, closing the channel abruptly.

"What is it with directors and not wanting to answer my questions?" Kane murmured, a sigh following. He rose from his chair, moving to nudge the helm officer. "Once you have the coordinates lay in a course for the rendezvous and engage." He turned back to the Ops operator. "Patch me in to Admiral Harrington on subspace. Request his confirmation of our reassignment order, if you would."

Retreating to his ready room, Kane started to pull up whatever the computer had on the relevant parties and their destinations. He had a feeling that he needed to cram-up on whatever it was they were about to get into.

Commander Jacob Kane
Commanding Officer
USS Athena


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