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A strategic introduction

Posted on Sat Dec 28th, 2019 @ 11:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Peter Horn & Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D.

Mission: Shakedown
Location: StratOps Offices, USS Athena
Timeline: After Athena returns from shakedown

Ever since stepping on board the Athena it hadn't stopped to amaze Santu how big everything was. The simple walk from her offices to StratOps was probably longer than any distance she had ever covered on the nova class Piet Heijn. She could probably get used to it, though. She stepped into the main area of the StratOps offices and looked around for the Lieutenant Commander in charge.

Oblivious to the newcomer, Peter was too busy trying to get his equipment installed. He had already called in major favours with engineering and science to get what he needed. Though a security officer himself, he was able to dabble in engineering matters well enough. Enough to not put his mother to shame, at least. As such, he was half-buried under a console when the XO walked in, and thus completely missed her entrance.

Spotting two feet coming out from under a console Santu approached. The rest of the office seemed pretty dim lit and with nobody else there the logical conclusion would be that this person was either an Engineer or the Chief StratOps, "Excuse me," she spoke soft enough to not startle the person, but loud enough to be heard.

Peter slid out from under the console, his face smudged and his tunic crumpled and dirty. "Ma'am?" he queried, quickly crawling up to his feet. "Can I help you ma'am?"

It took a moment for Santu to realise that he was addressing her, even with her being the only one there, "Ehm. No." she shook her head, there wasn't anything in particular she wanted from the man, "Well. Yes actually," She heard the voice of one of her instructors in the back of her head, be confident, assertive, people need to know you're in control, "I just wanted to introduce myself properly."

"Ah..." A quick scan of her uniform told him she was equal in rank to himself, and also wearing command red. As he wasn't aware of any new staff arriving, and certainly not of equal rank, she had to be the new first officer. "I am Lieutenant Commander Peter Horn," he introduced himself, though did not offer his hand in greeting. "I apologize for the bedraggled appearance ma'am, but I do like to be hands-on..."

"There's no need to apologise, Commander. Only those that don't work are parade ready." Santu mimicked the stern voice of one of her training officers back in the Academy and then gave a warm smile as she extended her hand in greeting, "Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu, XO."

Peter gave her a polite smile, but did not extend his hand to take hers. "Welcome aboard ma'am," he answered, "I have not been here long myself. Only long enough to meet with the captain and see my family settled, really."

"Oh, right." Santu lifted her hand and had some difficulty moving her fingers in the traditional Vulcan salute, before quickly moving it back to the side of her body, "your family is joining you on the Athena?" Another benefit of a large vessel.

"Yes ma'am. My wife will be joining the nursing staff and I am certain my eldest daughter will be looking for a trainee position as well, though she has not decided where yet. She is almost sixteen."

There were a lot of fleeters, and some of them were there for life. Brought up on ships, starbases and other Federation installations. Santu hadn't had that upbringing, and generally was just happy that she had been able to join the fleet when she did, "I'll probably meet your wife and daughter at some point then," she smiled a bit, wondering what else she actually wanted to accomplish in meeting with him, "if you need anything in that regard, I'm sure I can set up a small introduction course across the various departments."

"I think Seleya would appreciate that," Peter acknowledged, "if she is anything like her mother, she will probably like a tour of medical. My other daughter leans more towards my mother, she likes to tinker." He smiled slightly at that memory. "My youngest, I probably should warn security about..." he added as if in afterthought.

"Medical is a very interesting and fulfilling field," Santu remarked, and then smiled at his thought about his youngest daughter. It gave her a moment of hesitation thinking of her life, ex-partners, and lack of offspring, "so, what brings you to the Athena?"

"A new opportunity. After wandering for a while, my wife told me she was getting sick of it, and so here we are. I did need an assignment where my family could accompany me. And one who has the space for our family ah... bodyguard." Again the smirk.

A frown formed, not only because of the mention of a bodyguard but also because of the 'excessive' show of emotion from the Vulcan, she knew that Peter wasn't fully Vulcan, his name alone gave that away. Didn't help in processing the expressions of emotion, "Bodyguard?"

"I have a very large canine, she is extremely protective of my children." He seemed to shrug. "She is old, but no less fierce."

"I didn't realise pets were allowed on the vessel, good to know," It wasn't an enthusiastic 'good to know', more of an apprehensive one. She made a mental note to check where Peter's quarters were located, "any other members of the family?"

Being an empath, Peter was able to sense her apprehension. "She is not dangerous, only to those who wish to do harm," he reassured her, "but other than my dog, no further pets. At least, not that I am aware of...." He wouldn't put it beyond Ylias to smuggle one critter or another on board. "Do you have a family with you?"

"I do not, they're in Shakaar province. Back on Bajor. Except for my brother, he's with the Marines." A beat as she realised, "Don't know where he's posted actually." She locked her hands behind her back, "never really met the right person to start a family of my own."

"Perhaps you might yet do so," Peter mused, "as for finding out where your brother is, I am certain our intelligence department can assist with that?"

"Perhaps." Santu responded to both topics, she then pointed at the console, "I guess I should let you get back to work. Is there anything you need to make this work?" She knew next to nothing about computers, operations or engineering, one of the reasons the academy had been such a challenge.

"Electricity would be nice," Peter answered casually, "in all seriousness ma'am, all I need is a few extra hands from engineering. But I will get with them myself when I need them."

"Alright then." Santu unlocked the hands from behind her back and clapped her hands together, "It's been a pleasure to meet you Commander Horn." She remembered that she was now the ranking officer on this assignment, "as you were, I guess."

"And you ma'am." The Vulcan inclined his head ever so slightly, then crawled back under the console to return to what he had been doing priorly.

Lieutenant Commander Peter Horn
Chief Strategic Operations

Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu
Executive Officer


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