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Suspicious Minds

Posted on Tue Oct 15th, 2019 @ 12:47am by Lieutenant Commander Tobin Parr & Ensign S'Rell & Chief Petty Officer Andrew McFadden

Mission: Shakedown
Location: USS Athena, Main Bridge
Timeline: MD 02

Tobin stood watch on the bridge and Runabout Harris had just made its scheduled check in. 'That means they're safe……...for now.' He thought as he gazed blankly ahead at the front bulkhead. Since the Captains departure with most the senior staff Tobin had still found himself puzzled by the details of the mission.

'A ships Captain doesn't just go after AWOLs.' His chain of thought continued. He had tried his best to shrug of the mystery. But it wouldn't go away, it was time to take action.

Straightening awkwardly in the command chair Tobins attention snapped back to the beeps of consoles and activity of the crew around the bridge. He swiftly turned his head to glance down at the conn. "Ensign what's our engine status?" He asked fixing his eyes on S'Rell.

The young Vulcan turned her chair elegantly to faceTobin. "Nacelle construction is complete however only Nacelles one through four are fully functional."

Tobin scratched his chin. "Correct me if I'm wrong Ensign but I can still take the ship to warp?" He continued as a plan began to formulate in the back of that tactical mind of his.

S'Rell nodded promptly. "We can sir, however in seperated flight only Alpha and Beta sections can sustain warp speed."

"So no multi vector attack mode….." Tobin muttered stroking his beard in thought.

"I wouldn't recommend it Acting Captain Sir." Chief McFadden piped in with his thick cheery Scottish accent. Tobin stood sharply and looked directly at Andrew. "Chief?" He queried.

"Systems not yet been tested sir. If it's a fight you're wanting I suggest we keep the ship in one piece." He reported in immediately turning back to his console.

Something still didn't sit right. Tugging his tunic sharply he strode towards the ready room. "Chief, you have the bridge!" Tobin ordered over his shoulder. 'I have some digging to do.' He thought to himself.

Andrew looked at S'Rell and shrugged. "As you were Ensign." Tobin heard Andrew order as the Ready Room doors swished closed behind him with a satisfying mechanical Swish.

In the quiet of the Ready Room he sat in Jacobs high back office chair and spun it left and to the right and then straightened it. 'Comfy…….perks of being Captain.' He thought with a smile as he straightened the chair and pulled the small computer terminal close to him. Tapping a few buttons on the console the screen hummed to life with the bold blue image of the Federation Logo.

"Computer, display the personnel file of Ensign Stonn, Academy graduate from this Academic year." He requested. The computer beeped in response and scrolling text appeared on the screen. Tobins eyes skimmed the data.

"Hmmmmmm computer pause screen." Right in the family history was a name that Tobin recognised 'Commodore J'Onn'. He leaned back in the chair and rubbed his eyes as he racked his brain for where he'd seen the name before. Working for the Academy Tobin had seen the man before, but that was once a fleeting encounter at a function. There was something more.

Tobin sighed heavily. "Computer display personnel files of the runabout crew." He ordered. The screen promptly flickered and the three files lined up side by side. It didn't take long for his eyes to see that name again. "Commander Kane's mentor……" He trailed off. "He's going after his mentors son." He muttered to himself with a faint smile. Still it didn't sit right.

He tapped off the computer screen and leaned back in the chair as the bouncing chime for the door sounded through the room. "Come" He called out into the thin air. Nicolas slender figure walked through the door. She flashed a pearly white smile and sat daintily on one of the chairs opposite the desk.

"Well I just finished unpacking and scheduled a duty shit in sickbay." She stated. "That's if the Acting Captain doesn't mind me hanging around?" She asked, a concerned frown spreading across her brow.

Tobin held and patted her hand. "Of course not darlin." He replied taking her hand in his and kissing it lightly. "I'm happy you're here, but Chief of Surgery to Medical specialist on a starship…'s a bit of a step back." He said gently.

Nicola shrugged and leaned back in the chair. "Its not about my career, I'm nearly 50 years old and other than moving to Bajor I've never spent any time in space. I need the adventure!" She said excitedly a huge grin on her face. But the grin soon melted into a frown again. "Is that what's been troubling you?" She asked rubbing Tobins large hands in her own slender and delicate hands.

Vigorously Tobin shook his head and fixed his eyes on hers. "It's this mission the Captains on." He stated. "He's gone to find his mentors son, appears he's been AWOL for a
Little while." Remarked Tobin rising from the desk and walking round to join his wife.

Nicola shrugged. "Nothing wrong with doing a friend a favour is there." Tobin shook his head. "Not at all but there's more to it." Tobin stated beginning to pace. "The Captains not the only command level officer in the area who could bring him in…….oh I'm rambling." He exclaimed rubbing his hand over his face. Nicole chuckled hard. "Now you know where Jessie gets it from." She said patting his arm reassuringly. "But if its really troubling you surely there's someone who can fill in some blanks.

Tobin stroked his beard in thought for a moment "Korok!" He exclaimed. He turned to Nicola and kissed her on the forehead. "Computer open a channel to General Korok of the Klingon Defence Force." He ordered promptly.

In the corner of the room the yellow glass disk illuminated and the figure of an aging, slightly chubby Klingon male stood proudly. "Parr….You've gotten uglier!" Korok remarked looking Tobin up and down. "You've gotten fatter!" Tobin quipped back.

Korok laughed a toe curling laugh. Nicola winced, while Tobin grinned and chuckled slightly. "This body is not, as pleasing as your last one." Korok proclaimed still looking Tobin up and down. "Does this mean I'm no longer invited to the family picnic?" Tobin quipped. Folding his arms and fixing Korok with a firm look.

The Klingon shook his head. "No…..I finally have a brother I can go Targ hunting with. But my assumption is you did not call to reminisce." Tobin unfolded his arms. "Korok, I need your help. I have two lost cadets in the sector and a load of Orion activity. I get the feeling my Captain and his team have been lured into a trap. What does the KDF know?" He asked.

Korok looked gravely at Tobin. "The Orion pirates in your area have taken a liking to Star Fleet Officers." He said sternly. "We have rescued several in recent months, keep a weathered eye on your team Brother!" Korok added. Tobin nodded sternly. "I will my brother
Qapla!" He replied loudly and proudly. The image of Korok faded and Tobin sunk into the chair next to Nicola. "I wish that made me feel better." He remarked clutching his wife's hand. With his free hand he swiftly tapped his comm badge. "Tobin to bridge, we're going to need those engines!"


Lt. Commander Tobin Parr
Executive Officer
USS Athena


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