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Unexpected meeting

Posted on Sun Sep 29th, 2019 @ 5:16pm by Lieutenant Dessame Sar

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Main Bridge, USS Athena
Timeline: MD 01


Tobin was finally sat in his chair on the bridge. His eyes were still adjusting to the green colour that was clad on the doors and some of the surfaces, but the room was beginning to look complete.

Some of the consoles were still open as gold shirted engineers worked. The ship was nearly ready and they were down to finishing touches. At least that's what the reports pinging up on Tobin's console were telling him. He ran a hand over his beard and stretched out. "Sir." A young engineer said politely as she passed him a PADD. Graciously Tobin accepted it and thumbed eagerly though the report. "Thank you crewman." He said through a gaze of concentration.

The diminutive Chief Science Officer entered the bridge as the port-side turbolift doors swooshed open. His station was just to the left of the portal so it never took him long to get there. Morty had just returned from the main sensor lab as several of the nodes had to be realigned. With that done, he could now get to some more pleasant science work for the remainder of his shift.

Dessame was new, just transferred. As yet she had not met her Captain, nor the XO but it was definitely on her agenda as it was with all new assignments. The barrage of new people must have been a sore point for those really in charge, the constant door bell, asking the same questions. She was scheduled later for a more in depth chat with them both but had been granted access to the bridge to take her station.

The bridge was mostly full of familiar faces now, but having not spent much time with the new Tactical Officer Tobin was still intrigued to find out what kind of officer she would be. Her file made for interesting reading. He glanced over at Dessame briefly and quickly turned his attention back to the reports.

"Tell engineering, I want the upper nacelle alignment triple checked before I sign off." Tobin ordered swiftly handing back the PADD. The engineer nodded, folding the PADD under their arm they marched promptly towards the turbo lift.

Tobin once again tried to relax into the chair, but it wobbled slightly under his weight, he sighed heavily and caught eyes with Chief McFadden. The Chief shrugged and caught the arm of a nearby engineer. He whispered something inaudible and the two chuckled. Tobin wanted to interject but his comm badge sounded.

"Kane to Lt Commander Parr. I need you to bring Lt Mortigar to my ready room. And Lieutenant Sar, too."

Tobin looked around the bridge and caught the eyes of Mortigar and flicked his fingers over the cold metal of his comm badge. "Understood Captain, on our way." He replied rising from his chair.

"Lieutenants Mortigar and Sar on my six." He ordered pacing towards the Captains ready room.

"Y-yes, Commander," the Evoran answered. He was uncertain as to what their commanding officer could want with the three of them. Whatever it was, they'd find out soon enough. He scurried from his station to meet up with the others.

Her eyes were fixed on her console, her ears however did hear the call from the Captain then subsequent one from the XO instructing them to follow. Locking her console, as you can never be too careful, she moved off to follow Parr towards the Ready Room. As she approached him she smiled softly, "I know we will catch up later sir..." she offered her petite hand, "but it's nice to meet you." she said as Lt. Mortigar closed them down.

Accepting her hand Tobin closed his around it firmly, it almost reminded him of holding his daughters hand on the first day of school. He fixed his eyes on her for a moment. "Pleasures all mine Lieutenant." He said graciously. "Shall we? The Captains not one to be kept waiting." He stated leaving it uncertain as to how serious he was. Releasing Dessames hand he reached for the door chime and tapped it lightly.

The three of them were promptly requested to enter. "Are you two ready?" Tobin asked politely, gesturing for them to enter ahead of him.

Dessame smiled and entered the room. She noticed the Captain but didn't say anything until spoken too.

Lieutenant Mortigar entered behind the Betazoid and took a position to her right. Like her, Morty stood and waited to be addressed.

Tobin watched the two officers enter and promptly followed. A little uncertain as to why the three most senior officers on the bridge had just been summoned.



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