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The USS Athena, complete with a fresh new command crew, has been dispatched to the remote Paratus system, escorting a Federation Ambassador to complete the final stages of the Paratans' membership in the Federation.

Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 1:00am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Twin Arrival
by Lieutenant Noah Reed M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Peter Horn
prior to boarding Athena Shuttle en route to Athena
by Commander Jacob Kane & Hamilton Broll & Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D. & Lady Donatella Hortensia
MD-01 USS Athena/SS Glory
Double Booked, Double Fun
by Lieutenant Commander Taeler Santu M.D. & Lieutenant Mortigar
Holodeck 3, Deck 7, USS Athena
In The Family - Prologue
by Commander Jacob Kane
MD-00 USS Athena - Bridge
All Friends Here
by Lieutenant JG Jorge Melendez MD
One week ago USS Athena, Dionysus bar and lounge
Hope and Fear Part Two
by Lieutenant Commander Tobin Parr
Prologue En route to Starbase 50, Runabout Harris
by Commander Jacob Kane
One Month Ago USS Lakota
Hope and Fear Part One
by Lieutenant Commander Tobin Parr
Prologue Tobins house, Dakhur province, Bajor

Mission Summary

Lady Donatella Hortensia (in Guest Stars page) - NPC'd by the gracious Kristi
Hamilton Broll (in Guest Stars page)

Queen Sarissa - Ruler of Paratus IV; this world is a matriarchal society on the cusp of Federation membership
Duke Alonso - Sarissa's brother, exiled, with a semi-legitimate claim on the throne

The Athena is dispatched as escort for the Federation transport ship SS Glory, en route to the Paratus star system. The ship is carrying Lady Donatella Hortensia, the Ambassador, with her young aide Hamilton Broll. The Ambassador is incredibly demanding and diva-like, her requests grating on the crew.

On arrival at Paratus, the ships are suddenly ambushed by small ships - no real match for the Athena, but will cause severe damage to the Glory. The Ambassador, although alive, is in a coma. Her inexperienced aide is the only other ambassadorial representative nearby.

We then have a chance to focus on a couple of areas (crew can take their pick):
1) Investigate the attackers
2) Continue the diplomacy

As the mission progresses, we will have a conundrum: Queen Sarissa's regime isn't what we would call 'fair' and 'equal' - males are viewed as second-class citizens generally, however supporters of Duke Alonso's attempts at reform have started to grow more violent and confrontational (hence his exile). Both sides will ask for help in pushing their own agendas forward.
We'll have to deal with the fallout of the situation and work out what to do - should the accession to the Federation continue? Where does the Prime Directive sit within this? Things we can explore as we go through!