In the Family

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The USS Athena, complete with a fresh new command crew, has been dispatched to the remote Paratus system, escorting a Federation Ambassador to complete the final stages of the Paratans' membership in the Federation.

Character Development

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For any posts/arcs that are not directly relevant to the ongoing mission - particularly for times when we're on downtime between active storylines!

The Shadow of Arachne

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The Athena picks up a distress signal from the USS Pico, which has become disabled by a rare ionic storm while travelling close to the Badlands.

Intending to provide aid to their stricken ally, the Athena is suddenly drawn into a conflict with a mysterious enemy that seems intent on destroying them.

With limited options to escape, the ship is forced to take refuge in the Badlands, starting a deadly game of cat-and-mouse...


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The USS Athena is held up in drydock for systems overhaul - and an opportunity for the ship's new Commanding Officer to refresh his command crew.

War Games

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Task Force 72 War Games