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Lieutenant Commander Tobin Parr

Name Tobin 'Toby' Parr

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Hair Color Greying Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tobin strikes a relatively intimidating figure being tall, broad shouldered and square jawed. His frame is athletic from years of training and bears several scars from battles in the Dominion war. Like all Trill he possess two parallel rows of spots from his head to his toes. He has been described as lean and handsome with a neat crop of greying hair, piercing blue eyes and neat trimmed stubble lining his jaw. On duty Tobin takes great pride in his appearance and maintains a crisp clean uniform at all times. While off duty he prefers jeans, and flannel shirts over the more modern fitted clothing of the 24th century. While he can look intimidating at first glance Tobin has a kind, charming smile that can disarm most people.


Spouse Dr Nicola Farren (Chief of Surgery, Dakhur central hospital Bajor)
Children Jessica Farren (StarFleet Cadet, StarFleet Academy Earth)
Father Curzon T'Arl (CEO Alpha Cruises)
Mother Selim T'Arl (CFO Alpha Cruises)
Sister(s) Emmony T'Arl( COO Alpha Cruises)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Excerpt from StarFleet medical File - Lt.Commander Emily Baxter - Ships Counsellor - USS Pegasus

From my observations Lt Parr appears to have adjusted well to life as a joined Trill. His confidence has grown and he appears very collected. Whilst extremely genial he maintains a level of professional distance from his staff giving him an almost paternal presence especially towards junior officers.

He continues to display and possess a high sense of morality, although this has been taperd by wisdom and he appears to have a greater appreciation for the shades of grey. He demonstrates a deep love for his work, employing a calm analytical approach to problem solving and conflict resolution. Lt. Parr has certainly never been shy but he now seems more comfortable with himself and seems to have matured considerably. Although I fear his sense of humour may be a little dry for some peoples tastes and this may cause some friction off duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Carries a wealth of knowledge and experience through the symbiote
- The symbiote Leaves Tobin vulnerable to insect bites and extremes of temperature
+ Has a good mind for tactical scenarios
- Does not fully understand biology or medical problems
+ Likes to lead from the frontline
- can leave himself exposed when leading from the front

Ambitions To seek out new experiences for the Symbiote.
Hobbies & Interests Tobin has a wealth of hobbies and interests most of which developed after joining. While he does dabble in as many as possible he only has mastery over a few.
Prior to joining:
Plays rock n' roll and country on the guitar
Trill Piano
Horse riding

After joining:
Klingon and Vulcan martial arts (competent with frequent practice, far from mastery)
Dancing (rarely, very low skill level)
Painting and pottery( once......never again)
Sailing (rarely, reasonable level of skill)

Personal History Bourn in 2339 on Earth Tobin is the eldest child of passenger and transport tycoon Curzon T'Arl. Tobin is the first of his family to enter StarFleet a source of constant friction between himself and his family. He is also the only member of his family to have undergone joining a practice his father and mother discouraged.

Tobin was raised in San Francisco Earth where his parents quadrant wide business was based. They had chosen Earth to raise their family and start their business believing the core worlds of the Federation would provide greater opportunities. For the most part Tobin had a happy childhood, although he found he had a love hate relationship with his sister who always seemed to be in competition with him. His most treasured memories growing up was of his father taking him flying in an old impulse shuttle.

It was made clear from a young age that Tobin should expect to take over the family business. However Tobin had other plans, in his early teens he developed a love for piloting and exploration. He often dreamed of visiting the far off places he heard the pilots in Sanfrancisco talk about and made it clear he wished to join StarFleet.

Tobins parents hated the idea of their son and heir pursuing a StarFleet commission but reluctantly agreed not to stand in his way. To Tobins disappointment his father sidelined him while he started grooming his new heir to the business Emmony.
Service Record In 2357 Tobin enters the Academy for basic training. He soon gains a reputation for being cocky and eager, making only a few friends due to his brash exterior. It is quickly picked up by his trainers that he excels in practical tasks such as piloting and engineering but wasn't so good with the books.

During this year he gained the nicknames 'Tobby' and 'T'. His friends said this was because he was the most human Trill they ever met. When Tobin asked what they meant he was introduced to Senior Cadet Emira Parr, the first Trill he had met outside his family. The two had very different cultural backgrounds, likes and dislikes but they struck up a close friendship very quickly bonding over their one shared love, music.

The following year Tobin begins formal piloting lessons and plucked for command and navigation. Tobin thought he would breeze through but his ego took more than a little beating.

The Command track was hard and piloting a starship was a lot different to the shuttles he flew back home. He retook the Kobyashimaru nine times before settling on his score. Although the Academy began to rea─║y test him Tobin stuck to his resolve and kept his nerve.

In his third year the Academy was beginning to feel like home. But he was soon to be uprooted as this year saw him take part in the cadet cruise.

He was assigned to the USS Ranger an Excelsior class cruiser assigned to the Cardassian border. Tobin was surprised to find he had been posted to the bridge as a relief pilot and the weight of the challenge played heavy on his nerves. The Rangers CO Captain Hastings had taken an instant like to Tobin. He made it his mission to see the young cadet thrive, the two developed an almost father son relationship and he constantly checked on Tobins performance after the cruise ended.

Upon graduation Tobin was requested to serve aboard the new Nebula Class USS Icarus by Captain Hastings and assigned to the bridge as Chief Helmsman. He was pleased to find that Emira had also been assigned to the Icarus the previous year and had earned a place as Chief Tactical Officer. The two picked up their friendship where they left off and were inseparable, it was widely believed the two of them would begin dating but this was never to pass as Emira began dating Jennifer Monroe the ships Executive Officer.

The next few years passed quickly and Tobin had started to see more than his fair share of action. He had proven himself an intuitive helmsman and a more than capable shuttle pilot. It wasn't long until he was promoted to Lt. Jg. Aside from the border skirmishes his time on the Icarus was happy one but this was to change in 2366 when the Icarus was summoned to Wolf 359.

The fear on the bridge was palpable as they waited for the first major starfleet offensive against the Borg. The battle did not go well and the effects would haunt Tobin for a lifetime. The Icarus managed to survive late into the battle but had taken heavy damage. During the fighting a plasma discharge on the bridge struck Emira fatally wounding her, Tobin ran to her side and tried to comfort her but he was ordered back to his station. Duty bound he complied, when the order was finally given to abandon ship Tobin grabbed Emira and stayed with her in the escape pod even as she died enroute to the starbase.

Arriving at Starbase doctors became immediately interested in Emira and whisked her to the infirmary. Tobin was summoned soon after, where he was told the symbiote was still alive but could not be saved by stasis. The symbiote needed a host to keep it alive until the Symbiosis Commission could send the next legitimate host. Tobin knew very little about joining, his parents felt it wasn't necessary for a full life. But wanting to keep his friends memories alive Tobin agreed.

While unprepared for joining Tobin seemed to cope well with the 5 life times of memories he'd now acquired and enjoyed being so close to Emira through the symbiote. Knowing it wasn't going to be long until the symbiote was removed he chose to spend much of his time alone, apart from a few visits with Captain Hastings and Commander Monroe. The joining was to become permanent when the new host arrived too late.

Concerned for the well being of the symbiote Tobin was taken to the Trill homeworld for assessment and acclimatization.

Having never been to the homeworld Tobin found it a strange experience as it felt familiar and Alien at the same time. During this time his mother and father came to visit. This visit went some way to ease the rift between the three of them. They told Tobin that they loved him and were proud of him, even if he is not living the life they would have chose. After being satisfied Tobin and the Parr symbiote were compatible the Symbiosis Commission released them to begin their new joined life.

Tobin took some time out to explore his new joined state and fully reconcile with the symbiote, but after a brief leave of absence he was ready to rejoin StarFleet.

For his actions in wolf 359 Tobin was promoted to full Lieutenant and at Captain Hastings request was assigned to the USS Pegasus with the surviving members of the Icarus crew. Wanting to test Tobin Captain Hastings gave him the position of Second Officer and moved him to tactical.

The ship was a brand new Akira class vessel and saw extensive deployment back along the Cardassian border. In 2369 the Pegasus was called to Bajor to supervise the Cardassian withdrawal and provide aid to the Bajoran people.

It was here Tobin first met his future wife Nicola. The two fell in love almost instantly although Tobin tried to rise above the usual temptations of romance. However he couldn't help but get carried away. Later that year Nicola gave birth to their one and only child who was named for Nicolas maternal grandmother. It was agreed they would set up home on Bajor and took residence in an apartment in Dakhur province. Having raised a family in at least four previous life times Tobin wanted to return to duty. Content with her own blossoming career Nicola agreed to let him go, but this was on the condition they were married and he would return. Happily Tobin agreed, returning to Bajor instead of Earth between tours.

In 2373 The Pegasus saw its first action of the Dominion war and was responsible for covering the Federation retreat from the Bajoran sector. Tobin had tried to persuade his wife to join him in Federation space, but she did not wish to leave their family home. Shortly afterwards communication from Bajor ceased, causing a great deal of worry for Tobin. Captain Hastings comforted him by saying they would be back in the sector before they knew it.

Based out of Starbase 375 The Pegasus was involved in multiple skirmishes until the battle to retake Deep Space Nine. The Pegasus took heavy damage engaging the Cardassian cruisers. During the battle Captain Hastings was killed and the XO incapacitated. Tobin took command and kept the ship from being destroyed. Upon the ships eventual arrival at DS9 Tobin was debriefed and ordered to oversee the repairs on the Pegasus until a new commanding officer could be found.

The Pegasus was put under the Command of Captain Jennifer Monroe, who was not entirely pleased to find out that due to a shortage of officers Tobin had been assigned as her First Officer. The two of them had a strained personal relationship after Emiras death but still managed to form a respectful working relationship. Tobin found it stressful but enjoyed being in the command track and found welcome reprieve visiting his wife and child on Bajor between skirmishes.

In 2374 the Pegasus took part in the first battle of Chintoka and was again called to the system to defend it when the Dominion attempted to push the Federation out. During this conflict the Pegasus positioned itself to defend damaged ships. Tobin was ordered to lead a damage control team aboard the Defiant class USS Audacious. Once aboard it was apparent that the ships entire command staff had been killed, Tobin once again assumed command of a damaged vessel and lead it limping home.

When the fleet rendezvoused back at Starbase 375 Tobin was offered command of the Audacious, however he turned it down in favour of remaining as executive officer on the Pegasus. He wanted the challenge, but his life was on that ship and he wanted to be with his friends when the time came to take Cardassia.

Following the war Tobin returned to Bajor to spend time with his family, by now his daughter was growing up fast and he couldn't bear to be away from them. At this time he considered quitting Starfleet and entering commercial life. Although Captain Monroe convinced him to stay in StarFleet and arranged for him to stay on Bajor as a StarFleet trainer for the Bajoran Militia.

After several years facilitating the Militias integration into StarFleet Tobin began to feel restless. He got into StarFleet to explore and spent most of his career as a soldier. Sensing her husbands discontent Nicola persuaded Tobin to request assignment on a ship. With his daughter away in the Academy and his wife content with her career Tobin agreed. He is currently awaiting his next assignment and his next challenge.