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Lieutenant Commander Peter Horn

Name Peter Sural Horn

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Romulan/Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Tall and Vulcan in appearance, though he may show emotions in an unguarded moment. Slender in built, but showing Vulcan physical strength and Romulan tencency towards losing one's temper when provoked.


Spouse Haley Horn - Davis
Children Daughter Seleya (2381)
Daughter Lilah (2383)
Son Dukath (2384)
Son Ylias (2387)
Father Corran Horn
Mother T'Narha Horn
Brother(s) Saryn
Sister(s) Kahlan, T'Ral
Other Family extended families

Personality & Traits

General Overview Born April 26 2355 aboard USS Fang.

Education: USS Fang primary and highschool, Starfleet Academy
Special Qualifications: tactical and security, basic field medicine, advanced engineering, command training, legal training

Peter was gifted a bat'leth at the wedding of Captain Corval, a weapon he holds in great value. He is still improving his skills with this particular weapon, after having been taught by Captain Corval herself. He prefers hand-to-hand combat over using a phaser, finding it more honourable.

Peter holds honour in a very high standard, though his concepts of honour may differ from that of a Klingon as he is part Romulan. He is, however, extremely loyal to his commanding officers and friends.

Expert fighter with a Honour Blade, having been taught by his mother and uncle. Beginner to intermediate when it comes to fighting with his bat'leth, however he's aiming to improve his skill.

Has a pet dog (German Shepherd/Targ mix) named Tundra. While engineered in some fashion, at least Peter assumes such, the dog looks mostly like the human canine, but can show the temperament of a Targ. The dog is extremely loyal to her master and protective of her 'cubs' (the children). She is creamy-white in fur colour and has pale blue eyes.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Telepathic
+ Patient
+ Vulcan Logic (where appropriate)

- temper
- emotions

Psychological Profile:
Problem child at the age of seven through to ten.

Strongminded, and a strong touch telepath though not as strong as his siblings Saryn and Kahlan. Despite a certain form of forgiveness, Peter still feels a strong amount of (illogical) guilt about the death of Connor James, K'Nara Corval's late husband, as he was responsible for Connor's death.

Medical Record:
Depends on nanobots in his bloodstream for survival. He was born with them as both his parents had been assimilated before Saryn was born. Just after his birth, it was discovered that he is allergic to various types of antibiotics as well as lactose, and not even the nano's present in his blood can stop the generation of antibodies. He also suffers from a severe alcohol and synthehol intolerance, which was discovered at the shakedown cruise of the USS Loki.

Peter was once gravely injured during a training mission, and
he still holds the scar where a large piece of metal had enetrated his right leg. Doctors had barely managed to save his leg.

He was injured many times during his service aboard the Loki. He is still recovering from severe torture at the hands of Klingons and shapeshifters, which occurred when he was abducted while attending the wedding of K'Nara of House Corval and Connor James.

Much to the CMO's dismay, Peter often finds himself returning to sickbay after severe injuries sustained in combat. He is a stubborn man who will rarely allow himself enough rest to heal fully. He often prematurely checks himself out of sickbay to return to his duties (especially when CO and XO are away and he is left in command)
Ambitions Peter Horn has a wide variety of skills, despite his apparent youth. This comes with having an engineer for a mother and a commanding officer for a father. Peter just aspires to be the best officer he can be, but also be the best in his profession.
Hobbies & Interests Holodeck sparring and Rock Climbing. Expanding his skill in fighting with a bat'leth.

Personal History Peter Sural is born on the USS Fang as third child to T'Narha and
Corran Horn. He has a brother, Saryn, and two sisters, Kahlan and T'Ral. His godfather is Commander Jonathan Hookway of the USS Fang.

His mother served aboard the Fang as chief engineer at the time, while his father was a resigned starfleet captain. Peter spent the better part of his youth aboard the Fang, and as soon as he was old enough he went to help out in the security division, finding that this department brought him the thrill he sought.

At age 16, he enrolled into starfleet academy, where he first started in the security and tactical specialisation, but later he switched to engineering. Finding that engineering was not what he wanted after all, he finished the advanced course and returned to the security training. 6 years after entering the academy, Peter Sural finally graduated.

He stays in close contact with his brother Saryn, who commands the USS Devastator-D and his sister Kahlan, who is an assistant CMO aboard the USS Hyperion (after serving as CMO on the Ulysses). His sister T'Ral he has less contact with because she's a Starfleet Academy Cadet, nor with his parents who are both Starfleet Admirals, tied to a busy work schedule.

Peter Sural dated a human girl named Mariah Verne while he was studying at the academy. Sadly, the girl was killed during a training session on Antares IV.

When his nieces Nyda and T'Ris were born, he was asked to be their godfather, which he gladly accepted, though he has never seen the girls after Kahlan moved to the Ulysses.

After being assigned to the USS Loki, Saryn first dated his assistant security chief Sheena Evans, but after entering his first pon farr he married chief nurse Harley Davis. Together they have a daughter Seleya, born 9 months after their marriage in 2381. On March 23 2383, his second daughter Lilah Alana was born.

Peter is still at strong odds with his assistant, though they do make a perfect team, despite their personal grievances. His assistant was finally arrested when she went too far and abducted his children to have a go at him. Peter made sure she was sent to a Vulcan rehab colony so that she could get better.

In October 2384, his son Connor Dukath was born.

In May 2387, his son Ylias was born

After having stuck around on the Sarek for several years, doing odd jobs when he wasn't needed for legal advice, Peter decided he was up for a new challenge and transferred to the USS Imperator as Mission Advisor.

With his services no longer needed on the Imperator, Peter transferred to the Athena to take up the post of chief strategic operations officer.
Service Record Served on the USS Fang as junior security offer before going
to Starfleet AcademyRank Date Ship Posting Position
2379.0101 - Assigned to USS Loki, Chief Tactical/Security Officer
2379.0421 - Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade
2379.0726 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2382.1016 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and First Officer
2383.0221 - Stepped down from First Officer to attend Starfleet Law School
2386.0221 - Promoted to Commander
2387.0115 - Temporarily assigned to USS Sarek to prosecute one of their crewmembers, later remained aboard as legal officer
2395.0211 - Transferred to USS Imperator, Mission Advisor
2396.1215 - Transferred to USS Athena, Chief StratOPS